English Class 8th

61. The word chopped means ________

A. to cut something into pieces with a sharp tool such as a knife

B. steel

C. cannot be cut into pieces

62. The word catastrophic means ________.

A. Blessed

B. Favourable

C. causing a lot of damage and suffering

63. The word rendered means ____________.

A. Disapprove

B. Deny

C. to cause somebody/something to be in a particular state or condition

64. The word venerable word means __________.

A. unrespect

B. people or things deserve respect because they are old important

C. bad

65. The word malnutrition means _________.

A. unbalanced diet

B. balanced diet

C. healthy status

66. The word embankments mean __________.

A. Weakness

B. weak link

C. a wall of stone or earth made to keep water back

67. The word channelize means _______.

A. Blockage

B. a passage that water can flow along

C. both a & b

68. The word imminent means __________.

A. Remote

B. like to happen very soon

C. both a & b

69. The word phenomenon means ________.

A. Insignificance 

B. Triviality

C. a fact or an even in nature or society

70. The word vulnerable means ________

A. guarded

B. protected

C. weak and easily hurt physically or emotionally

71. The word settlement means __________.

A. maladjustment 

B. agreement 

C. rigidity

72. The word cope means ________-.

A. Mismanage

B. disorganize

C. to deal successfully with something difficult

73. The word ravine means _____________.

A. Summit

B. pinnacle

C. very narrow valley with steep sides

74. The word mitigated means_______.

A. increase

B. intensify

C. to make something less harmful

75. The word evacuation means________.

A. live birth

B. the process of moving people from a place of danger to a safer place

C. both a & b

76. My best friend has been a companion to me for five years.

A. Mother

B. Friend

C. Brother

D. Father

77. I meandered through the woods and did not win the race.

A. Jogged

B. ran

C. hurried

D. wandered

78. If you don’t conquer your fears, they will beat you. In this sentence, the word conquer means______

A. talk about

B. lose

C. win

D. love

79. The good guy in the story was strong and kind, unlike the villain. In this sentence, the word villain means __________

A. Superhero

B. Friend

C. bad guy

D. hero

80. ________ is one of the most brilliant gifts of modern science

A. Computer

B. Bulb

C. Mobile