English Class 9th

1. Tolerance means?

A. Fair and Objective attitude.

B. Injustice

C. Gross

D. None

2. When Quraish ostracized Holy Prophet SAW and his family, they lived in a val-ley called?

A. Koh i Toor

B. Sufa

C. Shab-Abi Talib.

D. None

3. They spent _____ years in Shab Abi TaliB.

A. 2

B. 3.

C. 4

D. 5

4. After the conquest of Makkah, the Holy Prophet SAW forgave all the people and said the same forgiving words to them as Prophet _____ had said to his brothers

A. Yousaf AS.

B. Ibrahim AS

C. Dawood AS

D. None

5. Hazrat Umar RA paid Rabi _____ Sa’a extra because he had frightened him.

A. 25

B. 20.

C. 30

D. 40

6. Compassion means?

A. Feeling of hatred

B. Feeling of sympathy.

C. Love

D. Hatred

7. Epitome means?

A. Height

B. Perfect Example.

C. Fathom

D. None

8. Dreadful means?

A. Dead

B. Very bad.

C. Harsh

D. None

9. Restrain means?

A. Friction

B. Stop somebody.

C. Constraints

D. None

10. Adversity means?

A. Difficult situation.

B. Good

C. Better

11. Counselling means?

A. Advice about problem.

B. Group

C. Assembly

12. Precedence means?

A. Important and being dealt first.

B. Not important

C. Not sure

D. None

13. Renounced means

A. Take back.

B. Announce

C. Loud and clear

14. “Prophet Muhammad SAW said to Hazrat Umar RA, “Go and repay him his loan, and give him twenty Sa’a extre”. “him” refers to?

A. Rabbi Zaid.

B. Abu Sufyan

C. Hazrat Umar

D. Hazrat Usman

15. The tolerance of Hazrat Muhammad SAW knew no bounds.

A. His tolerance was immeasurable for Muslims

B. His tolerance was not confined to Muslims only.

 C. His tolerance was restricted to Muslims only

D. His tolerance was confined to Muslims

16. “A Muslim is he from whose hand and tongue the Muslims are safe”. This ha-dith means?

A. A true Muslim doesn’t hurt Muslims physically and emotionally.

B. A true Muslim doesn’t bad mouth or curse anybody

C. A true Muslim doesn’t beat or injure anybody with his hands

D. A true Muslim doesn’t trouble anybody mentally

17. Truly, he is the epitome of tolerance, forgiveness, patience and compassion. The word epitome means?

A. Essence

B. Embodiment

C. Contrary

D. Example

18. The Prophet SAW granted a general amnesty to the entire population of Mak-kah. The word amnesty in this sentence means?

A. Patience

B. Forgiveness.

C. Tolerance

D. Acceptance

19. A _____ of Locusts attacked the crops.

A. Flock

B. Swarm.

C. Bouquet

D. Gang

20. A _____ of birds is always a beautiful sight.

A. Flock.

B. Herd

C. Swarm