Everyday Science 0 To 20

Everyday Science

Deficiency of Vitamin K can cause the risk of?

A) Night Blindness

B) Beri Beri

C) Color Blindness

D) Uncontrolled Bleeding 

Good Source of Vitamin K found naturally are.

A) Vegetables

B) Beans and Soybeans

C) Eggs, Strawberries and Meat.

D) All of the above 

Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency are

A) Fatigue

B) Muscle Weakness

C) Both A & B

D) None of These

Best source of Vitamin C are.

A) Oranges

B) Chili Peppers

C) Strawberries

D) Pineapple

Deficiency of Vitamin C causes.

A) Back Pain

B) Night Blindness

C) Muscle Pain

D) Scurvy

Deficiency of Vitamin A causes

A) Poor Eye Health

B) Premature Skin Damage

C) Respiratory Infection

D) All of the above

Best Source of Vitamin A is.

A) Beef Liver

B) Carrot

C) Beans

D) None of These

Vitamin B helps the body in

A) Maintaining cell health

B) Maintaining good eye sight

C) Maintaining your skin smooth

D) None of these

Best Source of Vitamin B-12 are

A) Citrus fruits

B) Green Chillies

C) Eggs

D) Beans

Best Source of Vitamin B-6?

A) Chickpeas

B) Tuna

C) Whole grains

D) All of the above

Vitamin B-1 is also called.

A) Riboflavin

B) Thiamin

C) Both of the above

D) None of These

Vitamin B-2 is also called

A) Riboflavin

B) Vitamin B-6

C) Vitamin B-12

D) None of These

Vitamin B-9 is also called ?

A) Folic Acid

B) Citric Acid

C) Hydrochloric Acid

D) None of These

Vitamin B-3 mainly helps in

A) Maintaining neurological benefits

B) Maintaining eye sight

C) Both of the above

D) Converts food into energy

Vitamin B-2 helps in maintaining

A) Skin tissues

B) Bone Health

C) Eye Sight

D) None of these 

Good Source of Vitamin B-3 is

A) Chicken

B) Lemon

C) Beef

D) Mutton 

Vitamin B-3 helps in _________.

A) Digestion

B) Reducing birth affects

C) Both of the Above

D) None of these 

Which is the outermost planet in the solar system?

A) Mercury

B) Pluto

C) Neptune

D) Uranus

Severe deficiency of Vitamin D results in __________.

A) Scurvy

B) Rickets

C) Night blindness

D) Osteomalacia

Milk contains water

A) 70%

B) 75%

C) 80%

D) 90%

The SI unit of charge is __________?

A) Ampere

B) Coulomb

C) Ohm

D) Volt

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