Everyday Science

471. View the sun with?

A) A pinhole camera

B) Three X-rays film sheets

C) Eclipse glasses or welder’s goggles rate 14 or higher

D) All of these

472. A star is luminous ball of held together by its own gravity.

A) Hydrogen

B) Helium

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None

473. Star emits energy in the form of?

A) Heat

B) Light

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

474. Nearest star to earth is?

A) Moon

B) Sun

C) None

475) Color of stars?

A) Reddish

B) Yellowish

C) Blue

D) All of these

476) Color of star depends on its?

A) Color

B) Size

C) Mass

D) Temperature

477) The color of our sun is?

A) White

B) Green

C) Yellow

D) Red

478) Stars shine because of?

A) Light

B) Heat

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

479. Brightness of star depends on?

A) Distance from earth

B) Amount of energy it emits

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

480) Distance between stars is measured in?

A) Kilometers

B) Light years

C) Meters

D) None

481) ____distance covered by light in one year.

A) One light year

B) 1 year

C) Year

D) None

482) Light rays travel at a speed of ____ km per second.?

A) 5000000

B) 300, 000

C) 400, 000

D) 500, 00

483) Light from sun reaches the earth in minutes.

A) 9

B) 8

C) 1

D) 5

484) Alpha Centuari is light years away from earth.

A) 4.5

B) 3.5

C) 2.5

D) 5

485) Stars have been grouped together in different patterns called?

A) Clusters

B) Constellation

C) Groups

486) Astronomers with the help of stars patterns ____ ascertain on earth?

A) Time

B) Place

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

487) Ursa major constellation has shape of?

A) Bear

B) Dog

C) Cat

488) Pole star located with the help of

A) Ursa Constellation

B) Libra constellation

C) Taurus constellation

489) Our solar system resides in?

A) Milky way galaxy

B) Andromeda

C) None

490) Shape of Milky Way?

A) Circular

B) Spiral

C) Long tail

D) None