Geography Class 6th

161. Which of the following is not found in Western Mountain range:

A) Safaid Koh

B) Koh-e-Suleman

C) Hindukash

D) The Kirtar Range

162. _______ range is situated in Kuram Agency.

A) Safaid Koh

B) Hindukash

C) Koh-e-Suleman

D) Kirthar

163. The Famous Khyber Pass is situated in:

A) Safaid Koh

B) Hindukash

C) Koh-e-Suleman

D) Kirthar

164. Sufiad Koh Range connects Pakistan with:

A) Afghanistan

B) Iran

C) China

D) India

165. A continuous row of Mountains is called as:

A) Range

B) Mines

C) Valley

D) None of the above

166. ________ plateau is situated between Jhelum and Indus.

A) Baluchistan

 B) Potwar

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

167. The average altitude of Potwar Plateau is:

A) 200-400 m

B) 300-600m

C) 400- 700m

D) 500- 800 m

168. The Average altitude of Balochistan Plateau is:

A) 200m

B) 345m

C) 765m

D) 600m

169. Naturally found material inside the earth having their own specific characteristics.

A) Mineral

B) Proteins

C) Lipids

D) Roughage

170. Plains are made by the action of :

A) Wind

B) River

C) Erosion

D) Heat

171. The Indus Plains can be divided into ______ parts.

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

172. The Desert that consists of area between the Jhelum and Indus:

A) Thar

B) Thal

C) Cholistan

D) None of the above

173. The desert situated in the southern part of Punjab and Sindh:

A) Cholistan

B) Thar

C) Thal

D) Both A and B

174. The length of the coastal area of Pakistan is:

A) 800 km

B) 628 km

C) 234 km

D) 965 km

175. According to 2009 estimate, the population of Earth was:

A) 3 Billion

B) 4.56 Billion

C) 6.5 Billion

D) 8 Billion

176. _______ is the largest continent in terms of Population.

A) Europe

B) Asia

C) South America

D) Africa

177. Total population of Asia according to 2009 estimate was:

A) 3 billion

B) 4 Billion

C) 5 Billion

D) 2.4 Billion

178. Asia had ______% of the earth population according to the 2009 Estimate.

A) 35

B) 54

C) 61

D) 74

179. _______ is the smallest continent in terms of Population.

A) Asia

B) Europe

C) Africa

D) Australia

180. ________ is an unpopulated continent.

A) Asia

B) Australia

C) Antarctica

D) None of the above