History Class 6 0 to 20

History Class 6

1. ____ is a branch of knowledge which preserve a record of past events and analysis.

A) Pak study

B) Geography

C) Politics

D) History

2. An advance society in a specific area is called a _____

A) Indus civilization

B) Arian civilization

C) Sociology

D) Civilization

3. About ____ years ago a civilization was settled in Indus valley.

A) 1000

B) 6000

C) 5000

D) 7000

4. In 1922 (A.D) archaeological experts, under the supervision of ____ excava-ted the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro.

A) John Marshal

B) David Marshal

C) John Bolton

D) Mike Googh

5. Mohenjo-Daro is located in district ____

A) Sahiwal

B) Larkana

C) Mirpur khasa

D) Daddu

6. Harappa is located in ____

A) Bahawalnagar

B) Jhelum

C) Sahiwal

D) None of these

7. The ______ civilization is the oldest civilization of the south Asia.

A) Harappa

B) Indus valley

C) Arian

D) None of these

8. The Aryan civilization came from central Asia in ____ and attack Indus valley.

A) 600 BC

B) 800 BC

C) 1500 BC

D) 700 BC

9. The _____ is oldest civilization when tools and weapons were made from stones.

A) Bronze age

B) Stone Age

C) Iron age

D) None of these

10. In ____ weapons were made from metals.

A) Stone age

B) Iron age

C) Bronze Age

D) None of these

11. In ____ iron was used to make tools and weapons.

A) Stone age

B) Iron Age

C) Bronze age

D) None of thesea

12. Egyptian-civilization flourished near river ____

A) Tigris

B) Euphrates

C) Nile

D) None of these

13. Mesopotamian-civilization flourished between ___

A) Tigris & Euphrates

B) Nile & Tigris

C) Nile & Euphrates

D) None of these

14. ______ is known as cradle of civilization

A) Indus valley

B) River Nile

C) Mesopotamian

D) None of these

15. Mesopotamian civilization had ____ braches.

A) 2

B) 3

C) 4

D) 5

16. Babylonian was the part of Mesopotamian civilization.

A) True

B) False

17. _______ was the oldest civilization of southern Iraq.

A) Sumerian

B) Achadian

C) Babylonian

D) Assyrian

18. The peoples of Sumerian civilization were ____

A) Industrialist

B) Capitalist

C) Agriculturist

D) None of these

19. The religion of the peoples of Indus civilization was ____

A) Hinduism

B) Christianity

C) Islam

D) None of these

20. The peoples of the Indus valley civilization used to bury their dead’s with re-ligious ritual.

A) True

B) False

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