History Class 6th

121. Jatts were attacked in?

A) 1025

B) 1026

C) 1027

122. Mehmmood died on 30th April?

A) 1030

B) 1035

C) 1040

123. After Mehmmod’ death, Ghaznavi dynasty ruled for?

A 180 years

B 125 years

C 130 years

124. ____ was Mehmood’s official poet.

A) Shamsi

B) Firdousi

125. Firdousi wrote a book called?

A) Bal e Jibraeel

B) Shahnama e Islam

126. ____ was associated with Mehmood’ court

A) Beruni

B) Jabbir Bin Hayan

C) Al Razi

127. Beruni had written?

A) Kitab ul Manazir

B) Kitab ul Hind

128. Ghaur is the name of?

A) Country

B) Mountain range

C) Plains

129. Muhammad Ghauri first attacked on Multan in?

A) 1055

B) 1175

C) 1180

130. Ghauri took Peshawar in?

A) 1175

B) 1179

C) 1180

131. At the time of Ghauri’ attack on India there were ___ big states.

A. 10

B. 4

C. 3

D. 15

132. Apart from Delhi, other big states were?

A) Qanauj

B) Gujrat

C) Ajmeer

D) All of these

133. Tarayan was conquered in 2nd attempt in?

A) 1190

B) 1192

C) 1195

134. Ghauri was killed in an attack by Khokars in

A) 1206

B) 1208

C) 1209

135. Who is considered the founder of Islamic rule in India?

A) Ghauri

B) Mehmood

C) Mohammad Bin Qasim

136. Slave dynasty was founded by?

A) Aibak

B) Ghauri

C) None

137. With the rule of Aibak, a series of rulers began, these rulers are called?

A) Rulers

B) Emperors

C) Salateen e Delhi

138. The Kingdom of Salateen e Delhi was known as?

A) Kingdom

B) Sultanate

139. Sultanate came to an end in?

A 1520

B) 1526

C) 1500

140. Aibak was Ghauri’?

A) Son

B) Slave

C) Nephew