181. Lodhi dynasty remained in power for?

A) 70 years

B) 75 years

C) 78 years

182. Lodhi Dynasty ruled from 1451 to?

A) 1520

B) 1526

C) 1535

183. Who made Persian official language of India?

A) Sikandar Lodhi

B) Bahlol Lodhi

184. Who invited Babar to invade Inida?

A) Sikandar

B) Daulat Khan

185. Agra city was founded by _____ in 1504.

A) Bahlol

B) Sikandar Lodhi

186. Sikandar’ pen name was?

A) Ghalib

B) Mir

C) Gul Rukh

187. Bengal declared independence after the death of ?

A) Feroz Shah

B) Muhammad Tughlaq

C) Alla udin

188. Jaunpoor was founded by in 1360?

A) Muhammad Bin Tughlak

B) Feroz Shah

189. Jaunpur declared independence from Delhi under Khwaja Jehan Malik during the reign of?

A) Feroz Shah

B) Allaudin

C) Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

190. Malwa was annexed to Delhi by ____ in 1305.

A) Feroz Shah

B) Muhammad Tughlaq

C) Allaudin Khilji

191. Malwa declared independence in?

A) 1405

B) 1406

C) 1401

192. Gujrat declared independence under____ in 1401.

A) Babar

B) Alla udin

C) Zafar Khan Mizaffar

193. Bahamani, a region in Deccan declared independence during _____ era.

A) Feroz Shah

B) Mohammad Bin Tughlaq

C) None

194. Bahamani was brought under rule after 200 years by?

A) Shah Jehan

B) Akbar

C) None

195. Feroz Shah handed over Khandesh to ____ in 1370.

A) Malik Raja

B) Khusro Shah

C) Ali Khan

196. Kashmir was taken over by a Hindu Prince in?

A) 1349

B) 1449

C) 1450

197. Kashmir was taken back by Akbar in?

A) 1580

B) 1586

C) 1590

198. Wijyanagar was founded by Hindus in?

A) 1312

B) 1336

C) 1340

199. The idea of mysticism entered Islam in _____ century.

A) 6th

B) 7th

C) 8th

200. Sufism is a way of life in which a Muslim?

A) Abandons worldly wishes

B) Indulges in worship of God

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’