History Class 6th

21. The religion of Indus civilization has similarities with ____

A) Islam

B) Hinduism

C) Christianity

D) Judaism

22. The peoples of Indus civilization were war mongers.

A) True

B) False

23. The peoples of Indus civilization use ____ clothes.

A) Silky

B) Cotton

C) Wollen

D) Both B&C

24. The house of common was called ____ of Aryan parliament.

A) True

B) False

25. An Indus civilization lasted for about ____ thousand years.

A) 4

B) 2

C) 1

D) 3

26.In Aryan civilization sabbah consist of ____ peoples.

A) Influential

B) Religious

C) Option B is correct

D) Both A & B

27.Indus civilization ended in _____ BC

A) 2000

B) 1800

C) 1500

D) 1200

28. Expert think that peoples of the Indus valley civilization used to worship ___

A) No one

B) Fire

C) Goddess

D) None of these

29. Which animal was important in Indus valley civilization?

A) The horse

B) The bull

C) The cow

D) None of these

30.In which country most of the Indus civilization area is situated?

A) India

B) Pakistan

C) China

D) None of these

31. What was used by the people of the Indus valley civilization for transporta-tion?

A) The aeroplane

B) The train

C) The bull cart

D) None of these

32. The word “ARYAN” mean ____

A) Strange people

B) Beautiful peoples

C) Brave people

D) None of these

33. The origin of Aryan is _____

A) Balkh

B) Bactrea

C) Kandahar

D) None of these

34. The Aryans called their slaves _____ in indo-Pak.

A) Daas

B) Gangas

C) Mangas

D) None of these

35. _____ is the sacred book of Aryans.

A) Veda

B) Rig-Veda

C) Hag-Veda

D) None of these

36.In Aryan civilization widows were allowed to re-marry.

A) True

B) False

37.The basic unit of Aryans political system was ____

A) Individual

B) Family

C) Gathering

D) None of these

38. The head of state in the Aryans civilization was called ____

A) Rajan

B) Raja

C) King

D) Queen

39. The head of state in the Aryans civilization have ____powers.

A) Unlimited

B) Limited

C) None of these

40 The parliament of Aryan civilization had ____ chambers.

A) 2

B) 3

C) 1

D) No parliament