History Class 6th

61. At the age of ____ Gotambudh founded new religion.

A) 30

B) 33

C) 35

D) 38

62. Gotambudh preach his religion for ___

A) 30

B) 40

C) 35

D) 45

63. Gotambudh died in ____ B.C.

A) 483

B) 490

C) 480

D) 485

64. Jainism was against caste system.

A) True

B) False

65. Mahaveer was the founder of ____

A) Hinduism

B) Jainism

C) Christianity

D) Judaism

66. Buddhism believe in caste system.

A) True

B) False

67. Gandhara was the name of ____

A) Area

B) Province

C) Country

D) None of these

68. The Gandhara civilization spread between ______B.C.

A) 6- 11

B) 5-11

C) 8-11

D) None of these

69. Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi attack Gandhara in _____A.D

A) 11th century

B) 12th century

C) 13th century

D) None of these

70. Alexander the great was born in a town of ___

A) Macedonian

B) Sparta

C) Turkish

D) None of these

71. Philip was the ____ of Alexander the great.

A) Brother

B) Son

C) Uncle

D) Father

72. _____ was the teacher of Alexander the great.

A) Aristotle

B) Ibm –e- Khaldoon

C) Bocrate

D) None of these

73. Alexander the great was born in _____ B.C.

A) 356

B) 360

C) 358

D) 367

74. Alexander became the king of Macedonia in ____ B.C.

A) 337

B) 338

C) 336

D) 335

The founder of Mauryan kingdom was ____

A) Chandery Gupt

B) Mahindra Gupt

C) Alloka Gupt

D) None of these

76. Mauryans ousted _____ from the Punjab.

A) Muslim

B) Aryans

C) Pashtun’s

D) Greeks

77. During _____ reign Buddhism spread rapidly.

A) Gotambudh

B) Aryans

C) Maurya’s

D) None of these

78. Ashoka was one of the greatest ___ king.

A) Greek

B) Aryan

C) Mauryan

D) None of these

79. Bandhusara was the father of ___

A) Alexander

B) Ashoka

C) Buddha

D) None of these

80. Ashoka became the king of India, in ____

A) 273 B.C

B) 273 A.D

C) 270 B.C

D) 272 B.C