History Class 7th

261. In the battle of ______, Talpur were defeated by East India Company.

A) Halani

B) Miani

C) None

262. Mughal Sultanate began to crumble during ______ era.

A) Ahmad Shah

B) Mohammad Shah

C) Shah Nawaz

263. After the death of Aurangzeb, Bengal emerged as an independent state under?

A) Qaim Khan

B) Ali Warde Khan

C) Talpur

264. After the death of Ali Wardee Khan in 1756, _______ the head of Bengal.

A.Nawab ud Dawla

B.Siraj ud Dawla

C. Mohammad Shah

D. None

265. With the help of Siraj ud Dawal’ nephew ________, in the battle of ______, Sirajud Dawla was defeated by British.

A) Mir Jaffar/Palasi

B) Ali Khan/Pani pat

C) None

266. After the death of Siraj ud Dawla, who became Governor of Bengal?

A) Mir Jaffar

B) Mir Sadiq

C) Nawab Shah

267. Hyderabd Deccan was province of?

A) Southern India

B) South Punjab

C) Delhi

D) None

268. Who was the independent ruler of Deccan?

A) Asif Khan

B) Siraj Ul Mulk

C) Mir Jaffar

D) Nizam ul Mulk Asif 

269. Who was French General who trained army in South India?

A) Degale

B) Danish

C) Dupleix

270. During the era of ______ , nawab Sadat Ali had announced independence of Oudh.

A) Bahadar Shah

B) Akbar

C) Mohammad Shah

D) None

271. The capital of Oudh was?

A) Lahore

B) Mopla

C) Lucknow

D) None

272. ______ was sent to Calcutta and British captured Oudh.

A) Wajid Ali Shah

B) Nawab Khan

C) Shuja Ud Dawla

D) None

273. Voscoday Gama discovered route to India in?

A) 1500

B) 1450

C) 1498

D) None

274. Portugeese captured ______ and made it trade center.

A) Calcutta

B) Madras

C) Goa

D) None

275. Residents of Holland are called?

A) Hollese

B) Portugeese

C) Dutch

D) Irish

276. Dutch sent Portugeese home from ______ .

A) Cylon

B) India

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D) None of these

277. British captured control over India from?

A) Dutch

B) Portugeese

C) French

278. In 1741,_____ became Governor of those areas captured by Franch.

A) Deguale

B) Moplay

C) Dupleix

279. British defeated portugeese in ______ and made their trade centers.

A) 1612

B) 1613

C) 1614

280. Who orchestrated Black Hole incident plot?

A) Hall Wheel

B) William Black

C) Morgan