History Class 7th

281. According to the plot, ______ English were imprisoned out of which 23 were alive, the remaining were killed

A) 150

B) 146

C) 160


282. Who attacked Calcutta?

A) Clive

B) Admiral Watson

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

283. Who is considered the founder of English Govt. in India?

A) Watson

B) Cunning

C) Clive

D) None

284. Who was the first person of East India Company who was criticized by British?

A) Watson

B) Brown

C) Clive


285. The battle of Palasi was fought in?

A) 1857

B) 1755

C) 1757

D) None

286. Siraj Ud Dawl went to Patna were hewas killed by Mir Jaffar’ son _____.

A) Meram

B) Meeran

C) Shuja

D) None

287. Mir Jaffar gave Clive ______ pounds

A) 50000

B) 30000

C) 33400

D) 45000

288. Shah Wali Ullah’ original name was?

A) Salam

B) vAli Khan

C) Qutbudeen Ahmad

289. Shah Wali Ullah waa born in Delhi in _____

A) 1703

B) 1704

C) 1708

290. His father name was?

A) Alam Khan

B) Shah Alam

C) Shah Abdur Raheem

D) None

291. Shah Wali Ullah memorized the Holy Quran at the age of?

A) 8

B) 9

C) 10

D) 7

292. He got his early education from Madrassa?

A) Deoband

B) Akora

C) Raheemya

293. Shah Wali Ullah compelled ______ to invite Ahmad Shah to attack Hindustan

A) Najeeb ud Dawla

B) Siraj ud Dawla

C) Hakim Ali

D) None

294. Nadir Shah was killed by his Nobles in?

A) 1750

B) 1743

C) 1747

D) 1744

295. Ahmad Shah Abdali was ruler of Afghanistan from 1747 to?

A) 1750

B) 1751

C) 1760

D) 1773

296. Who laid the foundation of independent Afghanistan?

A) Rahmat Shah

B) Ahmad Shah

C) Siraj ud Dawla

D) None

297. On the occasion of his 5th attack on Hindustan, Ahmad Shah defeated ______

A) Maratas

B) Jats

C) Mughal

D) None

298. Buxar war was fought in?

A) 1765

B) 1764

C) 1770

D) 1775

299. Buxar battle was fought between East India company and?

A) Nawab Mir Qasim

B) Nawab of Oudh

C) Shah Alam the 2nd

D) All of these

300. Who won the Buxar war?

A) East India Company

B) Nawab of Oudh

C) Mir Qasim

D) None