History Class 7th

301. In Buxar war, the number of East India Company’ soldiers was?

A) 2000

B) 20000

C) 10000

302. The number of Muslim army was?

A) 50000

B) 40000

C) 30000

303. The agreement between Shuja ud Dawla and British was called?

A) Allahabad Agreement

B) Palasi Agreement

C) None

304. As per Allahabad Agreement. the Company was given the right to collect taxes from an area of ______ square kilometer

A) 5 lakh

B) 4 lakh

C) 3 lakh

305. Shuja ud Dawla paid _____ lakh as a fine for war

A) 40

B) 30

C) 20

D) 50

306. After the death of Shah Alam the 2nd, who ascended to the throne

A) Akbar

B) Akbar the 2nd 

C) Shah

307. Bahadar Shah surrendered before_____ in 1857?

A) Clive

B) Hudson

C) Watson


308. Bahadar Shah was sent in exile to?

A) Bhuttan

B) Rangoon

C) Italy

309. Who laid the foundation of Punjab army?

A) Rana Singh

B) Ranjeet Singh

C) Clive

310. The demographic composition in Sikh Sultanate was?

A) 80% Muslims

B) 10% Sikhs

C) 10% Hindus

D) All of these

311. Army of Sikhs was called?

A) Sikh Army

B) Punjab Army

C) Army

312. Ranjeet Singh was crowned in?

A) 1800

B) 1801

C) 1802

D) None

313. The first capital of Sikh Sultanate was?

A) Lahore

B) Amritsar

C) Gujranwala

314. Sikh Sultanate came to end in?

A) 1845

B) 1849

C) 1856

315. In Rohail Khand, Pashtun state was established by?

A) Ali Khan

B) Dawood Khan

C) None

316. In 1721 _____ became the Nawab of Rohail Khand

A) Dawood Khan

B) Ali Mohammad Khan

C) Nawab Siraj


317. Najeeb ud Dawla took part in third battle of panipat with army of _____

A) 30000

B) 40000

C) 50000


318. Marahat Sultanate was established in?

A) Lahore

B) Delhi

C) Deccan

319. Who established Marahata state in 1658?

A) Dada Jee

B) Tara Jee

C) Shiva Jee

320. Shivajee ruled for _____ years

A) 10

B) 9

C) 8