History Class 7th

321. Fateh Ali (Tippu Sultan) was the son of?

A) Fateh Ali

B) Siraj ud Dawla

C) Shiva

322. Haider Ali was the ruler of?

A) Delhi

B) Bombay

C) Deccan

323. Maisoor first war was fought in?

A) 1770

B) 1780

C) 1768

324. Madras Agreement was signed in?

A) 1770

B) 1769

C) 1780

325. In ____ Maratas attacked Haider Ali.

A) 1772

B) 1775

C) 1771

326. Haider Ali marched on British with an army of?

A) 8000

B) 80000

C) 50000

327. Sultan Haider Ali died in?

A) 1782

B) 1783

C) 1784

D) None

328. Third Battle of Maisoor started in?

A) 1782

B) 1790

C) 1755

329. The agreement signed between Fateh Ali and British in 1792 was?

A) Saranga Patam

B) Madras Agreement

C) None

330. The fourth battle of Maisoor started in?

A) 1792

B) 1799

C) 1795

331. Tipu Sultan died in in?

A) 4th May,1799

B) 1800

C) 1795

332. Syed Ahmad Shaheed was born in?

A) 1786

B) 1785

C) 1790

333. Syed Ahmad defeated Ranjeet Singh at?

A) Akora

B) Naoshehra

C) Hizro

334. In Balakot, Syed Ahmad along with Shah Ismail embraced Shahadat.

A) 1830

B) 1831

C) 1832

335. Haji Shariat Ullah was born in Fareed pur in?

A) 1770

B) 1768

C) 1776

336. Haji Shariat Ullah went to Makkah at the age of 18 and spent _____ years there.

A) 20

B) 18

C) 16

337. The movement started by Haji Shriat Ullah was?

A) Faraz

B) Faraizi Movement

C) Quit India

338. _____ was the first state in Hindustan which gained protection of British.

A) Sindh

B) Bombay

C) Hyderabad

339. Ahmad Shah Abdali captured Punjab in?

A) 1861

B) 1761

C) 1961

340. Who signed agreement with Ranjeet Singh for not attacking Sindh?

A) Lord Brown

B) Clive

C) Lord William

341. The first Chief Commissioner of Punjab was?

A) William Hastings

B) John Lawrence

C) None

342. Saadat Ali gave _____ to company in return for the defense of Oudh.

A) 76 Lakh rupees

B) Allabad District

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

343. In 1856, ____ annexed the state of Oudh.

A) William Hastings

B) Lord Delhozie

C) Cunning

344. Mehrab Khan was ruler of?

A) Bengal

B) Balochistan

C) Oudh

345. Agreement between John Jacob and Khan of Kalat was signed in?

A) 1856

B) 1860

C) 1862

346. War of Independence started from?

A) Delhi

B) Bengal

C) Oudh

347. In Kanpoor, the rebels were led by?

A) Baba Sahib

B) Nana Sahib

C) None

348. The British army consisted of _____ soldiers.

A) 120000

B) 100000

C) 200000

349. Who didn’t take part in War of independence?

A) Hyderabad

B) Sikhs of Punjab

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ 

350. For every British killed, _____ Hindustani were killed.

A) 50

B) 100

C) 500

351. In ____ 6000 people were killed.

A) Delhi

B) Allabad

C) Oudh

D) None

352. In _____ rebels were tied to canons and blasted away.

A) Peshawar

B) Mardan

C) Naoshehra

353. Syed Ahmad _____ started journey foe Jihad in?

A) 1919

B) 1826

C) 1786

354. Oudh was a ____?

A) Province

B) District

C) Tehsil

355. 1847 Nawab Wajid Ali Shah became nawab of _____.

A) Bengal

B) Bihar

C) Oudh