History Class 7th

61. The basic principal of Din e ilahi was that that God is one and Akbar is the representative of God on earth

A) True

B) False

62. _____ raised his voice against din e ilahi.

A) Mualana Madni

B) Sheikh Ul Hind

C) Mujaded Alf Sani

D) None of these

63. The rulers of Dakan were politically affiliated with ____

A) Rome

B) Afghanistan

C) Turkey

D) Iran

64. Noor Uddin was the ____ of Akbar

A) Son

B) Brother

C) Slave

D) None of these

65.Noor Uddin was born in ____

A) 1568

B) 1569

C) 1567

D) 1570

66. The mother of Noor Uddin was ____

A) Christian

B) Rajput

C) Sikh

D) Turkish

67. The original name of Noor Uddin was ____

A) Sultan Salim

B) Alamgir Akbar

C) Kamran Akbar

D) None of these

68. Noor Uddin became the ruler in ____

A) 1605

B) 1606

C) 1607

D) 1608

69. Noor Uddin died in ____

A) 1625

B) 1627

C) 1630

D) 1628

70. Noor Uddin is buried in ___

A) Lahore

B) Delhi

C) Bombay

D) Agra

71. Noor Uddin reign last for ___ years

A) 20

B) 25

C) 22

D) 24

72. Noor Uddin was a liberal ruler

A) True

B) False

73. Noor Uddin speaks Persian and English language fluently

A) True

B) False

74. Noor Uddin like dissent

A) True

B) False

75. The original name of Noor Jahan was ____

A) Malka Taranum

B) Mehr u Nisa

C) Gull Bano

D) None of these

76. Noor Jahan was the daughter of ____

A) Mirza Ghayes Baig

B) Mirza Ali Nawazesh

C) Moeen Ali Baig

D) None of these

77. Noor Jahan was born in ___

A) 1570

B) 1575

C) 1577

D) 1578

78. Noor Jahan was born near ____

A) Kabul

B) Kandahar

C) Ghazni

D) Mazar Sharif

79. Noor jahan was married to ___

A) Ali Qoli

B) Hamayun

C) Akbar

D) None of these

80. When the first husband of Noor jahan was died than she married to Jahangir

A) True

B) False