History Class 8th

161. The first world war ended in?

A. 1920

B. 1918

C. 1921

D. 1922

162. Who was the victorious in World War 1?

A. Germany

B. Turkey

C. Britain

D. None

163. British PM _______ declared the victory against Ottoman Empire as a re-venge against Salah ud Din Ayubi.





164. The British used _____ billion rupees from Hindustani treasury during World War 1.

A. 0.5

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

165. How many Indians took part in World War 1?

A. 2 Millions

B. 8 Millions

C. 3 Millions

D. None

166. After the First World War, the British promulgated Indian Act of?

A. 1919

B. 1920

C. 1927

D. 1935

167. Khilafat Committee was constituted by Congress and Muslim League together

A. Delhi

B. Bombay

C. Amritsar

D. None

168. In March 1920, a deputation in leadership of Mohammad Ali Johar went to?

A. Britain

B. France

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

D. None

169. Hindustan was declared ______ in 1919.

A. Place of freedom

B. Heaven

C. Dar al harb

D. None

170. Afghanistan ______ the refugees in 1919.

A. Welcomed

B. Refused

C. None

171. Monatgue-Chilemsford reforms were implemented in?

A. 1920

B. 1919

C. 1930

D. 1925

172. Under the reforms of 1919, ______ system was introduced in provinces.

A. Unitary

B. Diarchy

C. Federal

D. None

173. Under Diarchy system, the Ministers of Governor’s cabinet were ______ to the legislator.

A. Answerable

B. Not answerable

C. None

174. Civil disobedience movements were run under?

A. Gandhi

B. Maulana Johar

C. Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

175. Who laid the foundation of secular state in Turkey?





176. Mahatma Gandhi put an end to non-cooperation movement after the incidence of?

A. Mopla

B. Chura churi

C. Gujrat

D. None

177. _____ became the head of Congress in the beginning of 20th century.

A. Jinnah

B. Gandhi

C. Iqbal

D. None

178. The Ottoman Caliphate was _______ center of Muslims all around the world.

A. Spiritual

B. Cultural

C. Economic

179. Gandhi was proponent of ?

A. Violence

B. Non Violence

C. Peace

D. None

180. On 20th March, 1927, __________ presided the meeting of All India Muslim League in Delhi.

A. Iqbal

B. Jinnah

C. Jauhar

D. None