History Class 8th

81. He wrote _______ on the causes of 1857 revolt.

A. Pamphlet

B. Risala e Asbab Baghawate Hind

C. Tehzeb ul Akhlaq

82. To reduce animosity in the hearts of British for Muslims, he wrote?

A. Faithful of India

B. Faithful Muslims

C. Loyal Mohammedans of India

D. Asbab e Baghwat e Hind

83. The first school Sir Syed established in _____ in Muradabad.

A. 1850

B. 1859

C. 1875

D. 1872

84. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’ scientific society used to?

A. Translation of books of Modern education

B. Justice for Muslims

C. Fight for freedom

D. None

85. Aligarh institue Gazette started to publish in?

A. 1866

B. 1867

C. 1869

D. 1870

86. Mohammaden Anglo Oriental school was inaugurated in?

A. 1880

B. 1875

C. 1890

D. 1892

87. Governor _______ donated Ten Thousand rupees to MAO School.

A. Lord Lyton

B. Mayo

C. North Brook

D. Cunning

88. In MAO School, there were ______ teachers.

A. 17

B. 18

C. 19

D. 20

89. After _____ years, MAO School became MAO College.

A. 3

B. 2

C. 4

D. 5

90. Governor _______ inaugurated MAO college in 1877.

A . North Brook

B. Lord Lyton

C. Mayo

91. Mohammaden Educational Conference was established in?

A. 1887

B. 1886

C. 1889

D. 1890

92. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was secretary of Mohamaden Educational Conference for _______ years.

A. 12

B. 13

C. 14

D. 10

93. After returning from London Sir Syed Ahmad Khan issued?

A. Causes of Revolt

B. Tehzeeb ul Akhlaq

C. None

94. The people of Lahore established a Madrsa ______ in 1884

A. Muslim Conference

B. Lahore Conference

C. MAO College

D. Anjuman Himayat Islam

95. The struggle for Anjuman Himayat Islam was started by?

A. Manshee Charagh Din

B. Sir Syed

C. Allama Iqbal

D. None

96. Who were the founders of Anjuman Himayat Islam?

A. Khalifa Hameed Ud Din

B. Maulana Ghulam Ullah Qasoori

C. Pir Shams ud Din

D. All of these

97. Anjuman Hmayat Islam established?

A. 2 Boys colleges

B. 1 Girls college

C. Law college

D. All of these

98. Who laid the foundation of new building of Islamia College Lahore in 1907?

A. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

B. Iqbal

C. Jinnah

D. Habib Ullah Khan

99. Sind Madrassa tul Islam was established in 1885 by?

A. Jinnah

B. Iqbal

C. Hassan Ali Afandi

D. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

100. Jinnah studied got his early education from?

A. MAO College

B. MAO School

C. Sind Madrassa tul Islam

D. None