The Master of Hazrat Bilal (RA) during embracing Islam was:

A) Abu Jahal

B) Ummayia Bin Harb

C) Ummayia bin Khalaf

D) Oqabah bin Abi al Mueet

E) None of these

Splitting of the moon occurred in:

A) Arafat

B) Mina

C) Muzdalifa

D) Haram e Pak

E) None of thes

The "IFK" event is described in the Qur'an in:

A) Surah Baqarah

B) Surah Tauba

C) Surah Noor

D) Surah Yaseen

E) None of these

The Prophet's stamp comprises of these words:

A) Allah,Rasool,Muhammad

B) Muhammad, Rasool,Allah

C) Rasool,Muhammad,Allah

D) Rasool,Allah,Muhammad

E) None of these

The heads of Zakat are:

A) Eight

B) Nine

C) Seven

D) Five

E) None of these


A) A collection of Ahadith

B) Two specific Surahs of Quran

C) A book of Jaffariah fiqh

D) A book of hanafi fiqh

E) None of these

Ozza was the name of:

A) A specific goddess of Quraish

B) Honour and Respect

C) Name of a tree

D) Name of a snake

E) None of these

LEA'AN is:

A) A clause of Islamic law

B) To receive a reward

C) A term of trade

D) To bargain

E) None of these

Ashabus sabt means:

A) Jews

B) Christians

C) Muslims

D) Sabieen

E) None of these

The number of famous months are:

A) Four

B) Six

C) Seven

D) Two

E) None of these

Jabal-e-Noor is situated in:

A) Arafat

B) Ghar e Hira

C) Ghar e Saur

D) Jabal Uhud

E) None of these

'Door of knowledge' was the title of ?

A) Hazrat Umar (RA)

B) Hazrat Ali  (RA)

C) Hazrat Abubakar (RA)

D) Hazrat  Usman (RA)

The first mosque of Islam?

A) Masjid Quba

B) Masjid Nabwi

C) Baith ul Muqdas

D) None

How many angels are describe in Quran?

A) Five

B) Eight

C) Four

D) Seven

In which Surah Allah order Muslims to pray funeral prayer?

A) Surah  Noor

B) Surah Tuba

C) Surah Yasin

D) None

Who pray prayer of Juma first?

A) Hazrat Ali 

B) Hazrat Massab 

C) Hazrar Abu Obaida

D) Hazrat Abubakar

Prayer of EID is ?

A) Farz

B) Wajib

C) Nafal

D) Mustakhab

In subcontinent,Quran-e-Majeed was first translated into___________

A) Pashtu Language

B) Sindhi  Language

C) Punjabi Language

D) Balochi Language

Hijri calendar was started by _____

A) Hazrat Ali

B) Hazrat Umar

C) Hazrat Abubakar

D) Hazrat Usman

The first navy commander of Islamic forces was?

A) Abdullah  Bin Qais

B) Saad Bin  Abi Waqas

C) Maaz Bin Jabal

D) None