Holy prophet (PBUH) was born in?

A) 571 A.D

B) 572 A.D

C) 570 A.D

D) None

______ was the father of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

A) Abdul Mutalib

B) Hazrat Abdullah 

C) hazrat Hamza

D) None

Maternal grand father of prophet (PBUH) was?

A) Wahib  Bins Abdul Munnaf

B) Hazrat Mughera Bin Atab

C) Huzema Bin agheer

D) None

Maternal grandmother of prophet (PBUH) was?

A) Zainab

B) Agheba

C) Batarah

D) Sauda

There are Kalimas?

A) 6

B) 5

C) 7

D) 3

There are sources of Islamic laws?

A) 6

B) 4

C) 5

D) 2

How surrahs are there in Quran?

A) 114

B) 120

C) 110

D)  117

How many ayah are there in Quran

A) 6650

B) 6656

C) 6666

D) 6669

Which one of the following is the 1st surah of Quran?

A) Surat Al toba

B) Sura-e-fatih

C) Surah-e-Nas

D) None

Which of the following is the last surah of Quran?

A) Surah  Al toba

B) Surah-e-Bakra

C) Surah-e-Kausar

D) Surah-e-Nas

Which one of the following is the longest surah of Quran?

A) Surah-e-Bakra

B) Surah-e-Nas

C) Surah Al toba

D) None

Which one of the following is shortest surah of Quran?

A) Surah-e-Nas

B) Surah-e-Falak

C) Surah-e-Kausar

D) None 

First surah of Quran revealed was?

A) Surah Al toba

B) Surah Al Alaq

C) Surah -e- Nas

D) None

How many rukoos are there in Quran?

A) 550

B) 553

C) 5555

D) 558

How many Surrahs were revealed in Mecca?

A) 27

B) 99

C) 87

D) 114

How many surahs were revealed in Medina ?

A) 87

B) 27

C) 90

D) 114

What is the subject of the Holy Quran?

A) Human

B) Ghost

C) Animal

D) All of these

What will be asked first on the day of judgment ?

A) Nimaz

B) Rooza

C) Haj

D) Zakat

In maki surahs how many time the word "Zakat" is used?

A) 22

B) 27

C) 14

D) 30

Fasting is the pillar of Islam?

A) 5th

B) 3th

C) 4th

D) 6th