When a man dies he is wrapped in _______ sheets of coffin.

A) 1

B) 3

C) 4

D) 5

Zakat amount can't be utilized in which of the following?

A) Mosque

B) Religious Seminaries 

C) Hospitals

D) None of the above

Sahihain are?

A) Bukhari Shareef and Muslim Shareef

B) Bukhari Shareef

C) Muslim Shareef

D) None

In which Hijri Jehad(Holy war) became faraz?

A) 2 AH

B) 4 AH

C) 6 AH

D) 8 AH

Al-Mash'ar Al-Haram ( The Sacred Grove/ ٱلْمَشْعَر الْحَرَام) is?

A) Muzdalifah

B) Maidan e Arafat

C) Valley of Mina

D) None of these

_________ was the first martyr.

A) Hazrat Ali RA

B) Hazrat Umar RA

C) Hazrat Hamza RA

D) Hazrat Sumaya RA

Istelam in Islam refers to _______.

A) Kissing of Black Stone

B) Paying Salam to Hajri Aswad

C) Both A and B

D)  None of these

Hazrat ______ RA is known as Jami e Quran for his collection of Quranic verses.

A) Umar

B) Usman

C) Abu Bakar

D) None of the above

The threshold/nisab of Zakat on gold is ______

A) 7 ½ Tolas

B) 8 Tolas

C) 9 Tolas

D) None of the above

Who is the only Sahabi whose name has been mentioned in the Holy Quran?

A) Hazrat Zaid RA

B) Hazrat Abu Bakar RA

C) Hazrat Umar RA

D) None of the above

When a Muslim female dies she is wrapped in _______ sheets of coffin.

A) 5

B) 8

C) 6

D) None of the above

In ______ Hijri, Hazrat Muhammad SAW captured/conquered Makkah.

A) 9

B) 10

C) 8

D) None of the above

During Hajj,in which of the following places Muslims sacrifice their animals?

A) Muzdalifa 

B) Mina 

C) Maidan e Arafat

D) Madina 

The tenure of Khulfa e Rashidain as Caliphs lasted for_____ years.

A) 10

B) 20

C) 30

D) 40

The Muslims during Hajj gather in Maidan e Arafat on _______ Zilhaj.

A) 9

B) 10

C) 15

D) 11

Of the following Sahaba, _______ was the first Quraishi Sahabi to write Wahi/Revelations.

A) Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit RA

B)Hazrat Ali RA

C) Hazrat Hamza RA

D) None

Kitaab ul Aathar, which is a book of hadiths, is compiled by?

A) Hazrat Imam e Shafi 

B) Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa

Who among the following took the office of religious judgement at the age of 15?

A) Imam e Shafi

B) Imam e Malik

C) Imam Abu Hanifa

D) None of these

Hazrat Shima RA was the ____ of Hazrat Muhammad SAW.

A) Real sister

B) Daughter

C) Foster sister

D) None

For rain, the Muslims pray Namaz e _______

A) Khasoof

B) Kashoof

C) Istisqa

D) None