The victory of Makkah happened in the month of ?

A) Rajab

B) Muharam

C) Ramzan

D) Rabi Ul Awal

The battle of Hunayn was fought in the month of?

A) Shaval

B) Muharam

C) Ramzan

D) None

In battle of Hunayn ____ were defeated.

A) Muslim

B) None Muslim

C) No one got victory

D) None

Tabuq is between Madina and?

A) Baghdad

B) Jerusalem

C) Damascus

D) Antalia

Prophet (PBUH) spent _____ days in Tabuq.

A) 30

B) 15

C) 25

D) 20.

In the absence of Prophet ( PBUH) _____ was leading the prayers?

A) Hazrat Umar RA

B) Hazrat Ali RA

C) Hazrat Abubakar RA

D) Hazrat Usman RA

Prophet (PBUH) passed away in the home of ?

A) Hazrat Ayesha RA

B) Hazrat Hifsa RA

C) Hazrat Memoona RA

D) None

Hazrat Bilal RA was a?

A) White

B) Negro

C) None

Prophet Dawood ( A.S) was expert in making of ?

A) Sword

B) Ornaments

C) Necklace

D) Iron

Prophet (PBUH) never tie the knot of second marriage in the life of?

A) Hazrat Ayesha RA

B) Hazrat Hadija RA 

C) Hazrat Hifsa Ra

D) None

How many ahadees are quoted by Hazrat Ayesha RA?

A) 2000

B) 2210

C) 2240

D) 2230

Salahudin Ayubi was born in?

A) Damascus

B) Mosul

C) Adlib

D) Baghdad

Salahud Ayubi became ruler of Muslim after the death of?

A) Noorudin Zangi

B) Shah Abdul Aziz

C) Mutasim Billah

D) None

Salahudin Ayubi defeated ?

A) King Richard

B) King David

C) King Hemp

D) None

Abn e Khaldoon is buried in ?

A) Cairo

B) Syria

C) Istanbul

D) Baghdad

Abu Sufyan accepted Islam at the conquest of ?

A) Madina

B) Taif

C) Makkah

D) Yemen

Makkah was conquered in ?

A) 7 Hijri

B) 8 Hijri

C) 9 Hijri

D) 10 Hijri

Who prayed the funeral prayer of Hazrat Ayesha RA ?

A) Hazrat Abdureham RA

B) Hazrat Abu Hurera RA 

C) Hazrat Abdullah Bin Umar

D) Hazrat Ali RA

Hazrat Ayesha RA is buried in?

A) Janat Ul Baqi

B) Janat Ul Adn

C) Makkah

D) None

Salahudin Ayubi belong to ?

A) Arab Tribe

B) Kurd Tribe

C) Turkish Tribe

D) Syrian Tribe