Fourth Kalima is kalima ?

A) Tamjeed

B) Touheed 

C) Ashtaghfar

D) None

Allah mean?

A) Greatest

B) Only being worth worship

C) The master of all

D) The creator

_____ is above any sort of limitation.

A) Prophet

B) Sahaba

C) Allah 

D) Mullah

Touheed stand for?

A) Ones of God

B) Participation with God

C) None

Who give the concept of touheed?

A) Prophet Muhammad

B) Hazrat Jibrael (A.S)

C) Prophet Ibrahim

D) None

The opposite of touheed is ?

A) Wahid

B) Shirk

C) Dua

D) None

Believe in duality of God?

A) Hindu

B) Christian

C) Ethiest

D) Zoroastrians

Believe in trinity of God?

A) Jews

B) Muslims

C) Hindus

D) Christians

The religion which denies Allah as unknowable entity?

A) Zoroastrians

B) Buddhism 

C) Jews

D) None

The first belief of Islam is?

A) Unity of Allah

B) Belief in prophet

C) Belief in angels

D) None

The second belief of Islam is ?

A) Belief on angles

B) Belief on prophethood

C) Belief on holly books

D) None

The prophet-hood is the belief in _____ the prophet of Allah.

A) Some

B) One

C) All

D) None

The meaning of Risalat is?

A) Stamp

B) To send message

C) To preach Islam

D) None

Katimum-Nabiyeen is mentioned in?

A) Surah Al-toba

B) Sural Al-Ahzab

C) Surah Ikhlas

D) None

_____ is known as Rahmat-Ul-Alameen?

A) Prophet Ibrahim

B) Prophet Dawood

C) Prophet Musa

D) None

The third belief of Islam is ?

A) Unity of God

B) Prophethood

C) Angles

D) Books

The meaning of Malaika is?

A) Holly Books

B) Unknown creature

C) Angels

D) None

According to teaching of Islam, the greatest angels is?

A) Hazrat Jibrael

B) Hazrat Mikayeel

C) Hazrat Izrael

D) None

The angels are created out of?

A) Fire

B) Flower

C) Soil

D) Noor

The meaning of Noor is?

A) God gifted creature

B) Divine light

C) Fire

D) None