_____ are the agents of Allah?

A) Prophets

B) Angels

C) Sahaba

D) None

By how many angels each human individual is attended permanently?

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) Four

Iblees lies in the category of ?

A) Unknown creature

B) Jinn

C) Aliens

D) None

Hazrat Jibrael is referred in Quran as?

A) Rooh ul Ameen

B) Angel of rain

C) Angel of death

D) none

_____ is the in charge of rain.

A) Hazrat Israfil

B) Hazrat Mekael

C) Hazrat Jibrael

D) None

Kitab Ul kharaj the famous book of fiqh was written by?

A) Imam Shafi

B) Imam Ahmad

C) Imam Abu Yousaf

D) Imam Malik

____ was famous as kidnapper of scholars.

A) Haroon Ur Rasheed

B) Mahmood Ghaznavi

C) Abu Jaffar Mansoor

D) Alamgir

Which of the following was mystic?

A) Shah Jahan

B) Alamgeer

C) Dara Shakoh

D) None

_____ founded the school of Dar-e-Nizamia in Indo-Pak

A) Mullah Nizamudin

B) Mullah Wahidudin

C) Fardeed U din Atar

D) None

_____ revolted against Akbar’s Deen-e-Ilahi first of all?

A) Hazrat Mujadid Alf Sani

B) Khawaja Baqi Billah

C) Hazrat Shah Waliullah

D) None

Rabia Basry was born in ?

A) 95 Ah

B) 80 Ah

C) 90 Ah

D) 75 Ah

Imam Abu dawood was the teacher of?

A) Hazrat Imam Tirmazy

B) Imam Bukhari

C) Imam Nisai

D) Imam Muslim

______ are called “ Sahihain”.

A) Bukhari sharif, Ibne Maja

B) Bukhari Sharif, Ibne Dawood

C) Muslim Sharif, Bukhari Sharif

D) Muta, Ibne Maja

______ is the third source of Islamic fiqh.

A) Ijma

B) Quran

C) Hadith

D) Ijtehad

Imam Bukhari was born in?

A) 180 Ah

B) 187 Ah

C) 190 Ah

D) 194 Ah 

______ is called Zun-Noon in the Holy Quran?

A) Hazrat Isa AS

B) Hazrat Ibrahim AS

C) Hazrat Younas AS

D) Hazrat Yousaf AS

Among the wives of prophet (PBUH), which one was alive at the time of karbala tragedy?

A) Hazrat Um e Salma

B) Hazrat Memoona

C) Hazrat Um e Ayesha

D) Hazrat Um e Hafsa

Al-Azhar mosque was completed in?

A) 959 AD

B) 972 AD 

C) 975 AD

D) 980 AD

Masjid e Nabvi was damaged due to fire in reign of ?

A) Motasim Billah

B) Mamoon Ul Rasheed

C) Hujaj Bin Yousaf

D) None

The jamia mosque of Damascus was built by?

A) Yazid Bin Muawiya

B) Hujaj Bin Yousaf

C) Waleed Bin Abdul Malik

D) None