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Islamyat Quiz

1. The first revealed surah of Quran is ?
A) Surah Al Alaq 
B) Surah Al Kausar
C) Surah Rehman
D) Surah Yasin


2. Quran was completely revealed in _ years.
A) 21
B) 23
C) 24
D) 25


3. The subject of Holy Quran is ?
A) Angles
B) Prophets
C) Human
D) All creatures


4. How many prophet are mentioned in Quran ?
A) 22
B) 24
C) 26
D) 28


5. Longest Ayat of Quran is ?
A) Ayat Ul Kursi 
B) Surah Rehman
C) Surah Touba
D) None