KPK Teachers Recruitment Process Explained

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The aim of this article is to explain the whole process of recruitment of a
Teacher in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This article covers the whole process
from initial apply to pay release order.
The whole process begins with advertisements by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Elementary and Secondary education through a testing agency like National Testing Service (NTS), Fair Testing Service (FTS) or Education
Testing and Evaluation Agency (ETEA). Once the posts are advertised,
the candidates apply accordingly. Unlike Public Service Commissions,
the aforementioned testing agencies usually conduct tests within two or
three months.
Issuance of R.Nos and Syllabus
Roll Numbers are issued to prospective candidates and tests centers are
allotted to them in their respective Districts. It is important to mention
that the syllabus is also uploaded for different posts on the websites of
these testing agencies.
What is being asked in the test?
The tests are MCQs based papers. All the candidates are advised to stick
to the curriculum taught in Government Schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. If you are going outside the curriculum, be sure you are wasting
your time and energy. So stick to government school books and or
MCQs prepared from these books like one such platform is KP MCQs
Hub, where you can get free access to thousands of MCQs prepared
from the Govt. school books.
Result of the Test
When the tests are conducted, you would come home with your answer
keys. The testing agencies usually upload answer keys within two or
three days. The final result of the test is declared after sometime. In case,
there was any issue with your marks, you can apply for rechecking within the stipulated time.
Provisional Merit List
After all the results are declared, a provisional merit list is issued by the
testing agencies. Remember, these are only provisional merit lists and
are subject to changes. So if you have any problem with your academic
score, for example, and it has been written incorrectly, don’t panic! All
the issues are sorted out at the time of interview. These provisional merit
lists are sent to the Elementary and Secondary Education Department or
DEOs of respective districts.
Call for Interview
The DEOs of all the districts, after receiving provisional merit lists, call
candidates for interviews. They invite Top 30 or Top 50 candidates for
an interview. In case, you were among the top candidates, but because of
clerical mistakes, your serial number was somewhere in the bottom or
any other place, don’t worry! On the day of the interview, reach the
place of interview. And inform the concerned authorities about the issue.
They will solve it.
What is being asked in Interview?
So what are they going to ask you in the interview? Nothing!!! They only check your documents. You would be required to reach the place with
all your educational documents from Class 10
DMC and Certificate) till your last Degree. If you are a professional degree holder, bring those
degrees as well. If you have studied in a semester system, and there is
GPA mentioned on your Degree and your marks are not mentioned, you
will either bring your transcript or Equivalence certificate from the place
where you have studied. The reason is, every institution has a different
system of awarding GPA.
Display of Merit Lists
Once the interviews are conducted, the respective DEOs display 1
merit list. It usually takes three to four days, but again, it depends on the
DEOs efficiency. Usually all the issues in the Provisional merit list are
resolved but if there was any issue in this merit list as well, don’t worry.
You can submit objections to the DEO of your district within the time
frame mentioned. After this, the DEOs display a second merit list, and
all the discrepancies are removed. Most of the DEOs don’t display a
third merit list and the second one is considered as final, but some DEOs
do display even a third merit list.
Final Selection Order
After this, final selection orders are issued. When are they issued? Again
it depends on the DEOs. Once the orders are issued, don’t waste time.
Although you can take charge within 15 days, people take charge as early as possible because it all matters in seniority and promotions. Once
you obtain a copy of your order from the DEO office, go straight to your
DHQ hospital for a medical report. The medical report doesn’t cost more
than Rs. 500/-. Once you get your medical report, go to the school that
has been allotted to you and submit your medical report and a copy of
your selection order there. And that is the end of the story!!!!
Getting your First Salary
A million dollar question is when and how will I get my first salary?
Well, it depends. The school would send your documents for verification
to the Board and University. Usually, the University sends your documents quickly. But when it comes to board, it sucks!!! If you don’t have
an approach to board, it will take at least two months to get back your
verified Certificates!!! But if you can approach the gods sitting there,
you will get your verified documents within a day or two!!! One thing
very important, you can’t submit your documents for verification in person. By hand submission of the documents is not allowed!!! Another important thing, you will have to open an account in a Bank! So once the
school gets back your documents, the clerks would then start work on releasing your salary. They also ask for money. So, pay them. If you think
you can do it yourself, do it, but it would be very difficult. How much
time does it take a clerk to release your salary? These guys are generally
good at doing things. A competent clerk can release your salary within
10 to 15 days. So how much time does it take to get your salary? I have
seen people who have done it in a month and a half. And I have seen
people who couldn’t get their first salary even in 6 months!!!
So, if you have got your salary, Congratulations, you have become a sal-
aried person!!!

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