Mathematics Class 7th

221. The conversion of ungroup data into group data so that frequencies of different groups can be visualized.

A. Frequency table

B. Frequency Distribution

222. The table which shows frequencies of class intervals is called?

A. Frequency distribution

B. Frequency table

223. The number of values that occur in a group of data is called its?

A. Data

B. Frequency

C. None

224. The greatest value of class interval is called?

A. Lower Class Limit

B. Upper Class Limit

225. The smallest value of class interval is called?

A. Upper Class Limit

B. Lower Class Limit

226. Each group of data is also known as?

A. Group Data

B. Class Interval

227. The number of values in class interval is called?

A. Size Of Class Interval

B. Data

C. None

228. The lower limit of class 7—12 is?

A. 7 

B. 12

229. The class interval of a class 14—18 is?

A. 14

B. 18

C. 4

230. If the central angle in a pie graph is 90o., then proportion of that part is

A. 50% 

B. 25%

 C. 90%.