Maths Class 4th

181. The standard unit for measuring angle is one ________.

A) m

B) degree

C) kg

D) minute

182. A ____ is a closed curve in a plane.

A) Square

B) Rectangle

C) Circle

D) Rhombus

183. The shortest distance from center to any other point on the circle is called radius.

A) Diameter

B) Radius

C) Circumference

184. A ______ is a line segment that has both of its endpoints on the boundary of the circle and passes through the center.

A) Radius

B) Diameter

C) Circumference

D) Perimeter

185. The measure of a circular path is called:

A) Diameter

B) Radius

C) Circumference

186. Closed shapes having four sides are called :

A) Quadrilaterals

B) Hexagon

C) Heptagon

D) Circle

187. A graph allows us to see how two or more different pieces of information are related.

A) True

B) False

188. Different Pieces of information are related through a line.

A)  Bar Graph

B) Line Graph

C) Pie Chart

D) Scatter Graph