Mathematics Class 6th

101. -1 is _____ integer.

A) 25

B) -25

C) 0

D) None of these

102. A line which divides a line segment into two equal parts and also makes an angle of 900 with the given line segment, is called its?

A) Left Bisector

B) Right Bisector

C) Perpendicular

103. Sum of measures of any two sides of a triangle is always ______ than the measure of its third side.

A) Equal

B) Smaller

C) Greater

D) None

104. Can we construct a triangle having sides 4.5cm, 2cm and 1.5cm

A) Yes

B) No

C) Sometimes

105. A triangle can’t be constructed if the sum of measures of two of its sides is _____ to the measure of its third side.

A) Greater

B) Equal

C) Less

106. Can we construct triangle from 5cm, 3cm and 2cm?

A) Yes

B) No

C) None

107. Angles where measures are the multiples of ______ can be constructed.

A) 7*1o/2 

B) 8*1/2

C) 9*2/3

108. ______ of a rectangle is twice the sum of the length and width

A) Area

B) Perimeter

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

109. Perimeter of rectangle is?

A) P= 2(l + w)

B) P= 2l + 2w

C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’

110. Find perimeter of rectangle having length 11 units and width 5 units.

A) 16 units

B) 32 units

C) 27 units

111. The ______ of rectangle is the product of the length and width.

A) Area

B) Perimeter

112. Find the area of rectangle with length 15 meters and width 7 meters.

A) 105 m

B) 105 m2

C) 22 m2

113. The area of rectangle is 16 square feet. Its length is 8 feet. Find its width.

A) w = 2

B) w = 2 feet

C) 8 feet

114. Perimeter of ______ = 4 multiply measure of one side.

A)  Rectangle

B) Square

C) Triangle

115. Perimeter of square ?

A) P = 4s

B) P = 3s

C) P = 2s

D) None

116. Find area of square having its one side 36m long.

A) 1296 m

B) 1296 m2

C) 72 m2

117. Assembly ground of a school is 150m long and 100 m wide. Find the cost of its brick flooring if the rate is Rs. 1500 per 100m2

A) 225000

B) 22500

C) 230500

118. A room having 5m length and 3.5m breadth is to be carpeted. Find the total cost, if the rate is 545 rupees per square meter.

A) 9537

B) 9550

C) 9537.5

119. A square shaped park is 170 m long. A road 6m wide has been constructed along the outer side of the boundry. Find the area of the road.

A) 4240 m2

B) 4224 m2

C) 4252 m2

D) None

120. _____ of geometric figure is the measure of the shortest distance between the base and its opposite vertex.

A) Height

B) Altitude

C) Perimeter