Mathematics Class 6th

121. Area of Parallelogram is?

A) A= h

B) A=bh

C) A= b + h

D) None

122. Find the area of parallelogram having base 12 cm and height 5 cm.

A) 60

B) 60 cm2

C) 62

123. Area of triangle is?

A) 1/2*bh

B) 2bh

C) 3 bh

124. Find area of triangle if its length is 4cm and height 3cm.

A) 12 cm2

B) 6 cm2

C) 6cm

125. Area of Trapezium is?

A) A= bh

B) A= 4s

C) A= 1/2h (a + b)

D) A = h ( a + b)

126. Lengths of the bases of a trapezium are 9cm and 4cm. If the area of the trapezium is 39 cm2, Find its altitude.

A) 9 cm

B) 6 cm

C) 8 cm

127. Find area of parallelogram when; Length of base = 6cm, and altitude = 4 cm.

A) 24 cm2

B) 24 cm

C) 10 cm

128. Find area of triangle whose: Base= 8cm and Altitude= 5cm.

A) 40 cm2

B) 20 cm2

C) 13 cm

129. Find area of trapezium, when; Length of base 1= 6cm, Length of base 2= 4cm, and altitude= 3cm.

A) 72 cm3

B) 13 cm

C) 15 cm

130. Area of parallelogram is 36m2. If the length of its altitude is 4 m, what is its base?

A) 10 m

B) 9 m

C) 12 m

131. Perimeter of rectangle is 50 m. If the length of rectangle is 15 m, find its breadth.

A) 10 m

B) 15 m

C) 6 m

D) None

132. Area of rectangle is 90 square meter. If the length is 12 meter, find its breadth.

A) 7

B) 7.5 m

C) 8 m

133. Area of square field is 225 sq. meter. Find the length of its sides.

A) 10 m

B) 15 m

C) 75

134. Perimeter of square is 14 cm. Find the length of its sides.

A) 3 cm

B) 3.5 cm

C) 4 cm

135. The space and building we live in are?

A) One Dimension

B) Two Dimension

C) Three Dimension

136. A solid body bounded by six equal square faces is called?

A) Cube

B) Cuboid

C) Square

137. A cube has?

A) 6 faces

B) 12 edges

C) 8 vertices

138. A solid body surrounded by 6 _____ faces is called cuboid.

A) Square

B) Rectangular

139. A cuboid has?

A) 6 Rectangular faces

B) 12 Edges

C) 8 Vertices

D) All of these

140. A round evenly solid body is called?

A) Square

B) Sphere