Mathematics Class 7th

121. Naeem has 2-kanal house in Hayatabad. How much property tax he will have to pay per year at the rate of 6%. If the value per kanal is 3 million rupees.

A. 360,000 rupees

B. 370,000 rupees

C. 375,00 rupees

122. The airfare from Peshawar to Karachi of an airline is Rs.5700. what will be the selling price of this ticket if Rs.1500 airport tax and GST at the rate of 16.5% are included?

A. 8140.5 rupees

B. 6140.5 rupees

C. 5140.5 rupees

123. The sale price of a computer is 30,000/- if the government waives of 16.5% GST on this item, what will be the new sale price?

A. 25,050 rupees

B. 24,050 rupees

C. 24,060 rupees

124. The difference between selling price and cost price is called _______.

A. profit

B. loss

C. none of these

125. A shopkeeper purchased five television sets for Rs.150,000. He sold each set for Rs.35,000. How much profit or loss he made in this deal?

A. Rs.25,000 profit

B. Rs.22,000 profit

C. Rs.20,000 profit

126. To meet expenses and earn profit, a business must sell a product at a higher price. A_________ is amount added to a cost price to calculate the selling price.

A. markup

B. profit

C. none of theseĀ 

127. Daud purchased a house for 1 million and sold for 1.1 million. How much profit did he make?

A. 100,000 rupees

B. 110,000 rupees

C. 115,000 rupees

128. A book seller purchased 1000 books for Rs.75000. Due to dampness and termites 84 books got destroyed. What should be the selling price of each book to earn a profit of Rs.25 per books?

A. Rs.109.17 per book

B. Rs.110.17 per book

C. Rs.115.17 per book

129. Find the markup on a bike whose price is Rs.45,000 for 73 days at the rate for 10% per anum

A. Rs.900

B. Rs.800

C. Rs.850

130. The markup on a principal amount is Rs.820 for 6 months at the rate of 12.5% per annum. Calculate the principal amount.

A. Rs.13302.22

B. Rs.13402.22

C. Rs.14302,22

131. Zakat is an amount which becomes due at the rate of _______ of the savings for a Muslims who has at least specific amount of gold or silver for one complete year. A

A. 2.5%

B. 3.5%

C. 4.5%

132. Specific amount of gold or silver is called Nisab. According to Islamic teaching Nisab is equal to _____tola of gold or _____ tola of silver.

A. 7.5, 52

B. 6.5, 54

C. 5..5, 56

133. Najma has 20 tola gold and 120 tola silver. How much Zakat will she has to pay after one year. The price per tola of gold and silver is Rs.60,000 and Rs.900 respectively

A. Rs.327,000

B. Rs.330,000

C. Rs.340,000

134. Neelam paid Rs.11,000 as zakat on gold. How much gold she have. (price of gold Rs.60,000 per tola)

A. 7.3 tola

B. 7.4 tola

C. 7.5 tola

135. Zakat is one of the ________ pillars of islam. A

A. five

B. six

C. four

136. _______ is zakat on agriculture products e.g. crops, fruits, vegetable is paid after every harvest.

A. Ushr

B. Donation

C. None of these

137. Tahir obtained a yield of 50,000 kg of strawberry from his tube well irrigated land. How much Ushr will he pay if it was sold for Rs.25 per kg?

A. Rs.62500

B. Rs.65500

C. Rs.63500

138. Shehla had 15 tola gold and 140 tola silver for more than one year. How much Zakat will she have to pay if the market value of gold is Rs.60,000 and silver is Rs.12,000 per tola.

A. Rs.26700

B. Rs.27600

C. Rs.27500

139. Usman had some jewelry and cash. He paid Rs.25,000 as Zakat. How much was his savings.

A. Rs.1,000,000

B. Rs.1,090,000

C. Rs.1,100,000

140. Younas has 30 jarib barani land. He obtained 1000 kg wheat per jarib. How much wheat as Ushr will he have to pay

A. Rs.51,000

B. Rs.52,000

C. Rs.53,000