Mathematics Class 7th

201. Diameter is a but not every chord is not necessarily a diameter.

A. Chord 

B. Radius

202. segment is the region bounded by the cord and the minor arc.

A. Major

B. Minor

203. segment is the region bounded by the chord and the major arc.

A. Major.

B. Minor

204. An triangle is one whose all three sides are of equal length and each angle measure 60o.

A. Isosceles

B. Equilateral

205. An Isosceles triangle is the one in which two sides are congruent and an- gles opposite to each side are also equal however the third angle is different.

A. Equilateral

B. Isosceles

206. A figure with two facing sides of equal length and parallel but no an- gle of 90

A. Parallelogram

B. Triangle

207. A triangle in which all the three angles are less than 90o is called triangle.

A. Obtuse

B. Acute

C. None

208. a triangle having one greater than 90.

A. Acute

B. Obtuse 

C. None

209. A triangle whose all sides sides are congruent.

A. Equilateral

B. Obtuse

210. A closed figure having four sides.

A. Triangle

B. Quadrilateral

211. A quadrilateral having one pair of parallel lines.

A. Trapezoid

B. Triangle

212. A quadrilateral having facing sides equal with all 90o .

A. Rectangle 

B. Triangle

213. A quadrilateral having four sides with no angle of 90o.

A. Rhombus 

B. Square

214. A quadrilateral with four congruent sides and all angles of 90o.

A. Square

B. Rectangle

215. is the ratio of circumference of circle to its diameter.

A. Pi π

B. Diameter

216. The value of π is

A. 3.1459 

B. 3.5865

C. 4.8565

217. Circumference of circle is equal to?

A. π

B. 2πr

218. Area if circle is equal to?

A. πr2

B. π

219. Surface area of cylinder is?

A. 2πr

B. π

C. 2πr (h + r)

220. Volume of cylinder?

A. π

B. πr

C. πrh

D. πr2h