Mathematics Class 7th

81. The area of a square whose length of one side is 8m is

A. 16

B. 36

C. 32

D. 64

82. Which of the following is not a perfect square?

A. 18 ft

B. 36 ft

C. 9 ft

D. 6 ft

83. Area of a square shaped garden is 30.25 . Find its perimeter.

A. 22m

B. 24m

C. 26m

84. Arrange 64 students of 10th class in rows in such a way that the number of rows and number of students are equal. Find the number of students in each row.

A. 8 students

B. 6 students

C. 7 students

85. Area of a square field is 1600 . How much long wire is required for its boundary?

A. 160m

B. 165m

C. 170m

86. A ______is a comparison of like quantities measured in the same units.

A. ratio

B. fraction

C. none of these

87. The comparison of ratios of three or more quantities is called ___________.

A. Continued ratio

B. Discontinued ratio

C. None of these

88. If increase or decrease in one quantity results increase or decrease in the second quantity then such a proportion is called __________.

A. Direct proportion

B. Inverse proportion

C. None of these

89. The relation between time and water pulled by a water pump is direct. If a pump raised 600 liters water in 45 minutes, how much water it will raise in 1 hour.

A. 800 liters

B. 900 liters

C. 1000 liters

90. If increase in one quantity results in the decrease of the second quantity or vice versa then such proportion is called ____________.

A. Direct proportion

B. Inverse proportion

C. None of these

91. 5 masons can build a house in 120 days. How many masons will be required to build the same house in 75 days?

A. 8 masons

B. 6 masons

C. 4 masons

93. In unitary method first, we find out the value of _____ (unit) item and then multiply it with the number of item

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

94. A street hawker is selling bananas at Rs.60 per dozen. A man wants to buy 20 bananas. How much he will have to pay?

A. Rs.100

B. Rs.120

C. Rs.130

95. Find the value of x x = 15 : 60

A. 5 

B. 20

C. 25

D. 30

96. Find the value of x : 7 : 14 = 15 : x

A. 30

B. 34

C. 36

97. Check whether 4, 16 and 64 are in proportion

A. Yes

B. No

C. None of these

98. Find x if 8, 16 and x one in continued proportion.

A. 32

B. 34

C. 36

99. A survey showed that the colour of cars chosen by people silver, white and black were in ratio of 7 : 4 : 2 respectively. If a dealer has sold 1300 cars in a year. How many cars of each colour did he sell?

A. 700 silver, 400 white and 200 black cars

B. 800 silver, 600 white and 400 black cars

C. 800 silver, 700 white and 300 black cars

100. In an examination hall the ratio of invigilators to the students is 1 : 30. How many invigilators will be required for 210 students?

A. 7

B. 8

C. 9