Pakistan GK

The language in which first translation of Holy Quran was made

A) Punjabi

B) Kashmiri

C) Sindhi

D) Balochi

The year in which first Balochi Journal was published is

A) 1940

B) 1950

C) 1960

D) 1970

The common value among the people of Pakistan is

A) Dress

B) Language

C) Habits

D) Islam

Communicative Language at the time of emergence of Pakistan was

A) English

B) Hindi

C) Urdu

D) Punjabi

According to the facts and figures of 2009-10 in Pakistan, literacy rate was

A) 40%

B) 45%

C) 50%

D) 57% 

Which Five Year Plan was started in 1993?

 A) Second

B) Fourth

C) Sixth

D) Eighth

Pakistan's First Five year plan was launched in

A) 1950

B) 1955

C) 1960

D) 1965

Punjab protection of women against violence Act 2016 provides relief to women from the following court orders except:

A) Protection order

B) Monetary order

C) Residence order

D) Social order

Punjab Muslim family laws formulated in

A) 2012

B) 2013

C) 2014

D) 2015

When was the early marriages Act was passed in Punjab

A) 2013

B) 2014

C) 2015

D) 2016

Women protection Act by Punjab government was passed in the year

A) 2014

B) 2015

C) 2016 

D) 2013

Who was the first woman PM of Islamic countries

A) Benazir Bhutto

B) Khaldia Zia

C) Fatima Jinnah

D) Haseena Wajid

What is the minimum age for a girl to marry according to Punjab Muslim family laws

A) 16 years

B) 17 years

C) 15 years

D) 19 years

What is the minimum age for a boy to marry according to Punjab Muslim family laws

A) 18 years

B) 16 years

C) 17 years

D) 19 years

SAARC conference held in Jan 2004 in the city of Pakistan

A) Lahore

B) Islamabad

C) Karachi

D) Peshawar

The length of the common boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan is

A) 2252KM

B) 2282 KM

C) 2350 KM

D) 2452 KM

In 1966 Saudi king visited Pakistan

A) Shah Abdul Aziz

B) Shah Abdullah

C) Shah Saud

D) Shah Faisal

Pakistan conducted nuclear tests in

A) 1997

B) 1998

C) 1999

D) 2000

Which country provided assistance for Kamra Complex?

A) Iran

B) Saudi Arabia

C) Afghanistan

D) China

The date of the Indus Basin treaty was

A) 1960

B) 1962

C) 1964

D) 1966

Who recognized Pakistan first of all after ts emergence?

A) Kuwait

B) Iran

C) Indonesia

D) Saudi Arabia