Pakistan GK

Which is located in south of Pakistan?

A) India

B) China

C) Afghanistan

D) Indian ocean

How much area of the total is covered by Islamabad?

A) 906 Sq km

B) 921 Sq km

C) 995 Sq km

D) 915 Sq km

How much area of paksitan is covered by mountains and plateaus?

A) 58 %

B) 47 %

C) 41 %

D) 52 %

How much area of paksitan is covered by plains and deserts?

A) 58 %

B) 47 %

C) 42 %

D) 52 %

How much area of Pakistan is covered by forests?

A) 3.8 %

B) 5.0 %

C) 4.3 %

D) 7.5 %

Through silk Road , Pakistan is connected with?

A) Iran

B) India

C) China

D) Afghanistan

Which is the lowest point of Pakistan?

A) Indus plain

B) Thata

C) Indian ocean

D) Karachi

Which is the highest point above the sea level in Pakistan?

A) Pamir

B) Nanga parbat

C) K2

D) Rakaposhi

What is the total area of Gilgit Baltistan?

A) 72,496 Sq km

B) 8500 Sq km

C) 4200 Sq km

D) 7564 Sq km

Pakistan is situated at the western side of the

A) Indus plain

B) Himalyas mountain range

C) Indo gangetic plain

D) Thar desert

Only ___ million Pakistanis file income tax returns as of 2018.

A) 1.2

B) 20

C) 2

D) 5

The Population Census in Pakistan, carried out by _____________?

A) Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS)

B) Population census Board (PCB)

C) National Population Commission (NPC)

D) Population Reference Bureau (NRB)

Taftan border is between

A) Iran & Afghanistan

B) Iran & India

C) Iran & Iraq

D) Iran & Pakistan

The first country to recognize Pakistan?

A) Afghanistan

B) India

C) China

D) Iran

Pakistan opened its first embassy in ____?

A) India

B) Iran

C) China

D) Egypt

_____ was the first country to open its embassy in Pakistan.

A) Egypt

B) Iran

C) India

D) China

The first Governor of State Bank of Pakistan?

A) Shamshad Akhtar

B) Ishrat Hussain

C) Ali Kardar

D) Zahid Hussain

First Lady Governor of Sindh was?

A) Benazir Bhutto

B) Begum Rana Liaqat Ali Khan

C) Mumtaz Rana

D) Fahmida Mirza

First Lady Minister of Pakistan was?

A) Vikarun Nisa Noor (Tourism)

B) Rana Liaqat

C) Shamashad Akhtar

D) Fehmida Riaz

First state to join Pakistan in 1954 was?

A) Swat

B) Kashmir

C) Qalat

D) Bahawal Pur

Pakistan Cricket team first visited to which country?

A) India

B) England

C) South Africa

D) Australia