Pakistan GK

First captain of cricket team was

A) Abdul Hafeez Kardar

B) Ali Khan

C) Naeem Khan Kardar

D) Mohammad Hafeez

Takht Bhai is situated in?

A) Karachi

B) Lahore

C) Punjab


Former President Sikndar Mirza is buried in?


B) Iran

C) China


First SOS village of Pakistan was established at

A) Karachi

B) Islamabad

C) Lahore 

D) Multan

When first SOS village was established in Pakistan?

A) 1977

B) 1981

C) 1986

D) 1997

The area of lowest rainfall in Pakistan is:

A) Nushk

B) Quetta

C) Thar

D) Nokhudi

When Pakistan first time won the Cricket World Cup?

A) 1992

B) 1996

C) 1999

D) 2003

Pakistan among the world’s largest countries? Population wise

A) 4th

B) 6th

C) 9th

D) 5th

Pakistan shares longest border with:

A) Iran

B) China

C) Afghanistan

D) India

Which is the largest mobile company in Pakistan?

A) Warid

B) Zong

C) Mobilink

D) U-fone

Which is the most thinly populated province of Pakistan?

A) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 

B) Punjab

C) Baluchistan 

D) Sindh

Pakistan’s first geo-scientific laboratory is functioning in:

A) Lahore

B) Karachi

C) Multan

D) Islamabad

In Pakistan First Women Bank was established in:

A) 1989

B) 1990

C) 1991

D) 1992

Jinnah station was established in which continent on January 25, 1991?

A) Asia

B) Africa

C) Europe

D) Antarctica

Pakistan’s first tea processing plant starts functioning in:

A) Mansehra

B) Swat

C) Ziarat

D) Malakand

Which of the following was the first news agency of Pakistan?




D) Blue Agency

“Rani Kot Fort” is the largest fort in Pakistan situated near the city of:

A) Dera Ghazi Khan

B) Peshawar

C) Hyderabad

D) Multan

When did Pakistan become an Islamic Republic?

A) 1947

B) 1949

C) 1956 

D) 1973

Pakistan’s biggest export item is:

A) Rice

B) Sports goods

C) Leather Garments

D) Cotton/Textile

The area of highest rainfall in Pakistan is

A) Hunza

B) Murree

C) Nathiagali

D) None of them

The first woman Prime Minister in Pakistan was Benazir Bhutto? In which year she assumed the office?

A) 1999

B) 1988 

C) 1989

D) 1998