Pakistan GK

The second nuclear plant of Pakistan is working in Chasama since 2001.Where the first Nuclear Plant was set up in 1972?

A) Karachi

B) Islamabad

C) Lahore

D) Chaghi

Which is the largest oil field found in Pakistan?

A) Mazari 

B) Attock

C) Balkassar

D) Pidh

Largest stadium of athletics of Pakistan was present in

A) Lahore

B) Islamabad 

C) Multan

D) Karachi

Pakistan mainly imports edible oil from:

A) Brazil

B) Malaysia 

C) Indonesia

D) India

The highest population density rate in Pakistan is in

A) Punjab


C) Islamabad 

D) Sindh

Where Pakistan set up first uranium moving and processing plant on October 20, 1995?

A) Lucky Marwat 

B) Makran

C) Chaghi

D) Dholki

The first nuclear power plant was set up with the help of Canada in Karachi in

A) 1971

B) 1970

C) 1972 

D) 1973

Name the largest CNG consumer of Asia?

A) Russia

B) China

C) Japan

D) Pakistan

First Pakistani who climbed Mount Everest on 14th May 2000 is

A) Nazir Sabir 

B) Ashraf Hanan

C) Numira Saleem

D) Muhammad Massom

First Pakistani who draw Pakistani flag in North Pole is

A) Ashgar Ali

B) Ashraf Hanan

C) Numira Saleem 

D) Effat Ashiq

Which is the largest lake in Jammu & Kashmir?

A) Dal Lako

B) Nagin Lake

C) Wullar Lake 

D) None of these

Which is the lowest point below the sea level in Pakistan?

A) Karachi Airport

B) Indus Plain

C) Indian Ocean 

D) Dera Ghazi Khan 

Which is the biggest Thermal Power station found in Pakistan?

A) Hub

B) Manchar

C) Duddu

D) Kot Addou

‘Baba Fareed Shaker Ganj’ was the first poet of:

A) Pushto

B) Balochi

C) Sindhi

D) Punjabi 

Ameer Khasroo was the first poet of:

A) Pushto

B) Balochi

C) Sindhi

D) Urdu

Which is the highest point above the sea level in Pakistan?

A) Pamir

B) Nanga Parbat

C) K-2 (Goodwin Austin) 

D) Saiachen glacier

Lahore Railway Station was established in

A) 1864 

B) 1858

C) 1866

D) 1867

Lahore SOS village was established in

A) 1977 

B) 1981

C) 1986

D) 1997

In Pakistan which is the largest source of energy?

A) Hydel

B) Thermal 

C) Nuclear

D) Coal based

Where the salt water lake ‘Hamun Mashkhel’ is situated?

A) Punjab

B) Sindh

C) Balochistan 

D) K.P

Pakistan’s largest trade partner is:


B) Japan

C) Saudi Arabia

D) China