Pakistan GK

Which of the following is the oldest language of Pakistan?

A) Punjabi

B) Sindhi

C) Barohi 

D) Pushto

Baglihar dam is being built on

A) The Ravi

B) The Sutlej

C) The Beas

D) The Chenab

Which of the following is the smallest barrage?

A) Sukkur Barrage

B) Chasma Barrage

C) Taunsa Barrage

D) Kotri Barrage

For the water apportionment of the Indus and its tributaries, a committee was constituted in October 1970 under the chairmanship:

A) Justice Fazle Akbar

B) Justice Hamud-ur-Rehman

C) Justice Muhammad Munir

D) Justice Irshad Hassan Khan

The Water Accord 1991 was signed on March 16 in

A) Lahore

B) Islamabad

C) Karachi

D) Peshawar

The 1991 Water Accord also called “Water Apportionment Accord” was signed by:

A) Governors of the four provinces

B) Chief Ministers of the four province

C) Chief Secretaries of the four provinces

D) None of the above

Which is the first multipurpose dam built by Pakistan after independence?

A) Tarbela dam

B) Mangla dam

C) Warsak dam

D) Khushdil Khan dam 

The Indus and its five main tributaries all combine into one river near:

A) Sialkot

B) Gawadar

C) Mithan Kot

D) Shikarpur

Indus water dispute arose on _____ when India stopped the irrigation supplies coming to Pakistan.

A) April 1, 1947

B) April 1, 1948

C) April 1, 1949

D) April 1, 1950

Tarbela dam was started in 1968 and completed in

A) 1976

B) 1977

C) 1978

D) 1979

The preliminary feasibility study of Kalabagh dam was completed in:

A) 1954

B) 1955

C) 1956

D) 1957

The Pakistani government first undertook engineering investigations for Kalabagh dam during

A) 1953-1954

B) 1963-1964

C) 1973-1974

D) 1983-1984

The Kalabagh reservoir at a 915 feet elevation would pose no flood risk to Nowshera which is located at an elevation of:

A) 923 feet

B) 928 feet

C) 933 feet

D) 938 feet

The retention level of Kalabagh dam was 925 feet, which has been reduced by:

A) 5 feet

B) 10 feet

C) 15 feet

D) 25 feet

Near Muzaffarabad, the Jhelum is joined by its largest tributary:

A) The Kunhar

B) The Ujh

C) The Soan

D) The Neelum

Which of the following rivers flows through Dal Lake and Wullar Lake?

A) The Chenab

B) The Sutlej

C) The Jhelum

D) The Ravi

After passing through Gurdaspur district, the Ravi enters Sialkot’s tehsil:

A) Shakargarh

B) Daska

C) Pasrur

D) None of the above

Islam Barrage is on:

A) River Ravi

B) River Jhelum

C) River Sutlej

D) River Chenab

Which of the following rivers drain into the Indus?

A) The Soan

B) The Harrow

C) The Panjkora

D) All of the above

When was the Federal Flood Commission set up?

A) January 1957

B) January 1967

C) January 1977

D) January 1987

Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) was created in:

A) 1949

B) 1959

C) 1969

D) 1979