Pedagogy 0 To 20


A choice made between two or more alternative is called

A. Assumption

B. Decision

C. Reporting

D. None

The cash book in maintained by





Authoritarian model is more suitable for

A. Confidence

B. Improvement

C. Achievement

D. Discipline

Teacher salaries and allowances collectively are written in

A. Cash Register

B. Acquaintance Roll

C. Contingent Register

D. None

To motivate the other to achieve certain goals is

A. Planning

B. Leading

C. Controlling

D. Organizing

A programme of activities which is designed to attain educational ends is

A. Learning

B. Curriculum

C. Instruction

D. Syllabi

Superannuation retirement age in Pakistan is

A. 60 Years

B. 65 Years

C. 75 Years

D. 80 Years

Pension is given if the retirement is after service of

A. 25 years

B. 30 years

C. 45 years

D. 50 years

Person who possesses qualities of leadership is

A. Leader

B. Manager

C. Administrator

D. Officer

The process of making judgment is called

A. Budgeting

B. Evaluation

C. Demonstration

D. Documentation

The characteristics of good planner are

A. Optimistic

B. Motivator

C. Producer

D. All of them

What does E and D Rules mean

A. Efficiency and duty rules

B. Efficiency and department rules

C. Efficiency and discipline rules

D. Efficiency and discipline rules

D.P is an abbreviation of

A. Annual development programme

B. Annual duty programme

C. Annual division of performance

D. Annual debating programme

The power is concentrated in the hands of one or few people in

A. Control

B. Command

C. Decentralization

D. Centralization

What is central to administration

A. Organization

B. Communication

C. Decision making

D. Coordination

In POSDIR, R stands for

A. Reporting

B. Response reply

C. Representing

D. Directing

N.E is an abbreviation of

A. Schedule of new experience

B. Schedule of new entry

C. Schedule of new expenditure

D. System of new entry

The level of school administration can best be judged through

A. Head teacher

B. Beautiful building

C. Learning out comes

D. Teachers students relations

Acquittance roll is used for

A. Salary disbursement

B. Stock

C. Govt . grants

D. Expenditures

The degree to which organizational resources contribute to productivity is

A. Effectiveness

B. Efficiency

C. Out put

D. Production

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