Toy age refers to

A. Early Childhood

B. Late Childhood

C. Babyhood

D. All of these

Which of the following statement is not appropriate to motivation as a process

A. It causes a person to move towards a goal

B. It satisfies the person’s biological needs

C. It helps in achieving a psychological ambition

D. It keeps away from an unpleasant situation

A child writes with his / her left hand and is comfortable doing things with it, she / he should be -

A. Discouraged

B. Made to write with the left hand

C. Allow his preference

D. Send to seek medical help

Which of the following is NOT a sign of 'being gifted' ?

A. Curiosity

B. Creativity

C. Poor relationship with peers

D. Interest in extra reading

Language of word is not necessary for

A. Imaginative Thinking

B. Conceptual Thinking

C. Associative Thinking

D. Perceptual Thinking

Which indicates the change in the quality or character of a child?

A. Growth

B. Development

C. Learning

D. Environment

Single factor theory of intelligence was given by _________

A. Alfred Binet

B. Thorndike

C. Freeman

D. None of them

Who is the father of "Theory of Multiple Intelligence"?

A. Gardner

B. Vygotsky

C. Bruner

D. Piaget

Who gives more stress to the philosophy of social constructivism?

A. Piaget

B. Kohlberg

C. Vygotsky

D. Dewey

Learning depends on cognitive development

A. Always

B. Some Times


D. In calculation

The best place of social development for a 12 years old child is ________

A. Neighborhood

B. Family

C. Playground

D. School

Select "the educable" group of students from the following groups, indicating different I.Q. levels

A. 50 to 70

B. 30 to 50

C. 70 to 90

D. 40 to 80

IQ scores are generally ________ correlated with academic performance

A. Least

B. Perfectly

C. Highly

D. Moderately

Nature of children are like

A. Imitative

B. Constructive

C. Imaginative

D. Destructive

Theory of multiple intelligence implies the following except

A. Intelligence is a distinct set of processing operations used by an individual to solve problems.

B. Disciplines should be presented in a number of ways

C. Learning could be assessed through a variety of means

D. Emotional intelligence is not related to IQ

The cardinal principles of learner centered education are ________

A. Learning by doing

B. Learning by living

C. Both

D. None of these

_________ is the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge

A. Personality

B. Intelligence

C. Aptitude

D. Attitude

Adolescents may experience

A. Feeling of self-actualization

B. Feeling of satiation about life

C. anxiety and concern about themselves

D. Feeling of fear about sins committed in childhood

How a "Teacher" should behave with the students?

A. Father Like

B. Friend Like

C. General

D. Elder Like

Which of the following is an approach to educational planning ?

A. Man-power approach

B. Social Demand approach

C. Both (A) and (B)

D. None of the above