In which of the following instructional procedure is the main component ?

A. Synectics teaching model

B. Basic teaching model

C. Inductive model

D. Social-stimulation

The computer based teaching model has been developed by

A. Gilbert (1962)

B. Stolurow and Davis (1965)

C. Robert Gagne (1965)

D. Mecner (1965)

Which of the following expectation students have from group learning ?

A. To get appreciation from the group

B. To distribute the work equally

C. To ignore individual view point

D. To attract isolated student towards the group

In order to modify the undesirable behavior of a student the most effective method is

A. To punish the student

B. To bring it to the notice of parents

C. To find out the reasons for the undesirable behaviour and provide remedies

D. To ignore it

In which university the micro- teaching system started in 1961 ?

A. Stanford University

B. Oxford University

C. Delhi University

D. M. S. University Baroda

The correct meaning of C.A.I.

A. Characteristics of Assistant Instructor

B. Computer Assisted Instruction

C. Community Assisted Instruction

D. None of the above

“Man is born free but every- where he is in chains/’ This statement has been given by

A. Abraham Maslow

B. Jean Jacques Rousseau

C. John Dewey

D. W. I-I. Kilpatrick

Written communication strategy includes

A. Algorithms

B. Decision Table

C. Both (A) and (B)

D. None of the above

Main responsibility of School Management lies on

A. Principal

B. Teachers

C. Manager

D. All of the above

Major objective of School Discipline is

A. To ensure safety of staff and students

B. To create an environment conducive for teaching

C. Both (A) and (B)

D. None of the above

At primary level teacher-taught ratio was 1 : 39

A. According to sixth educational survey of all India

B. According to fifth educational survey of all India

C. According to fourth educational survey of all India

D. According to second educational survey of all Indiav

Practical knowledge of language is learnt at—

A. School

B. Language laboratory

C. Language teaching

D. Language instruction

Dropping out from school means

A. To come to school casually

B. To leave the school forever

C. To play truant from class

D. None of the above

Which one of the following is not a principle of a good time table ?

A. Flexibility

B. Ruthless master

C. Variety

D. Coordination of efforts

The reason of absence and escape from school is—

A. Lack of interest in syllabus

B. Poor method of teaching

C. Ineffective teacher

D. All the above

The scope of Decision-Making

A. Management

B. Organization

C. Administration

D. Supervision

Factor of personality is—

A. Ductless glands

B. Family background

C. School

D. All the above

Which of the following aspects is discussed in a Teacher’s Diary ?

A. Class Time Table

B. Teaching Content

C. Both (A) and (B)

D. None of the above

A choice made between two or more alternative is called

A.  Assumption

B. Decision

C. Reporting

D. None

The cash book in maintained by