Success in developing values is mainly development upon________

A. Family

B. Society

C. Government

D. Teacher

How does an effective teacher make students attentive in class?

A. By distributing sweets

B. By punishing naughty children

C. By making one’s teaching interesting

D. By telling stories

Conferences are face to face______

A. Discussions

B. Negotiations

C. Meetings

D. None of these

A written work by a student to demonstrate some literary or linguistic knowledge, is termed as______

A. Demonstration

B. Comprehension

C. Composition

D. Homework

When the teacher checks the students work using multiple sources of information, the task is called______

A. Cross-Checking

B. Cross-matching

C. Cross-cutting

D. None of these

When a learner is learning to satisfy his needs and wants, he is actually doing_______

A. Cognitive learning

B. Sensory learning

C. Experiential learning

D. Behavioral learning

In a __________ student’s formally present material then respond to questions from the audience?

A. Dialogue

B. Discussion

C. Symposium

D. Seminar

All the verbal and non-verbal communications between teachers and students are called______

A. Signals

B. Gestures

C. Hints

D. Dialogues

An old but effective teaching strategy is________

A. Read Aloud

B. Reading

C. Silent Reading

D. All of these

_____________ is a method where the students ask questions each other during presentations.

A. Peer Classification

B. Oral Questioning

C. Peer Questioning

D. Peer Tutoring

The most important duty of a teacher is_________

A. Complete the syllabus

B. Maintain discipline in the class

C. Understand the student

D. Teach well

If students do not understand what is taught in the class the teacher should:

A. Repeat the lesson once again

B. Teach the lesson again giving more examples

C. Proceed to the next Lesson so that syllabus could be covered

D. Checkup the previous knowledge of the students in the topic

Which of the following is not related to educational achievement?

A. Practice

B. Experiences

C. Self-learning

D. Heredity

Interactive phase is likely to fail if________

A. Diagnostic phase is defective

B. Interactive phase is not properly activated

C. Post active phase is not properly planned

D. Both A and B

Reliability of an assessment relates to the __________ of an assessment?

A. Usefulness

B. Quality

C. Consistency

D. Relevance

The affective domain involves______

A. Learning

B. Knowledge

C. Manner

D. Physical movement

What was the relation between Socrates and Plato?

A. Socrates was student of Plato

B. Plato was student of Socrates

C. Socrates and Plato were brothers

D. Socrates and Plato were colleagues

In direct instruction method or lecture method the teacher is considered as________

A. Partner

B. Facilitator

C. Delegator

D. Formal authority

An assessment is __________ if it consistently achieves the same results with the same (or similar) students.

A. Valid

B. Invalid

C. Reliable

D. Unreliable

As people gets older, the ability of applying or maintain attention_______

A. Increases

B. Decreases

C. Stays constant

D. Remains unaffected