Physics Class 10th

161. The conductor plates of the capacitor have ________ charge.

A) Equal

B) Opposite

C) Unequal and Opposite

D) A and B

162. Due to charges the, the electric potential of the _______ plate is greater.

A) Positive

B) Negative

C) Both plates have equal potential

D) Plates do not have potential

163. The medium between the plates is of ______ nature:

A) Conducting

B) Insulating

C) Dielectric

D) Semi Conductor.

164. Capacitance can be defined as:

A) The Sum of  Charge stored on plates of Capacitor

B) The Ratio of magnitude of charge on either side of conductor to magnitude of PD between them.

C) The sum of Potential Difference across the plates

D) None of the above

165. When Charge is increased on the plates of capacitor the Potential difference:

A) Increases

B) Decrease

C) Remains Constant

D) Increases 2 times

166. The Capacitance of the capacitor depends upon:

A) Size and shape of plates

B) Nature of insulating material

C) Separation of the plates

D) All of the above.

167. The SI unit of Capacitance:

A) N

B) Kg

C) W

D) F

168. 1 Farad is equal to:

A) 1 C

B) 1V

C) 1C/1V

D) 1V/1C

169. 1 microfarad equals to

A) 10^-6

B) 10^-8


D) 10^-12

170. If we apply great voltage on a capacitor, it will cause:

A) The potential difference shall increase

B) The Capacitor shall perform well

C) the dielectric medium shall cause sparks to occur.

D) None of the above.

171. Electrolytic Capacitor:

A) The Most popular capacitor

B) The Least common capacitor

C) The most expensive capacitor

D) None of the above.

172. Which of the following is the main reason for the popularity of Electrolytic Capacitor:

A) Can have the highest potential difference

B) offers the highest levels of capacitance

C)  Cheapest of all capacitors

D) None of the above

173. Electrolytic Capacitor is made by foils of:

A) Gold

B) Silver

C) Aluminum

D) Copper

174. Which of the following is the most commonly used capacitor?

A) Tubular capacitors

B) Electrolytic capacitors

C) Mica Capacitor

D) Serial capacitor

175. A typical capacitor in an MP3 has C= 10µF. If a charge of 5 µC is placed on plates, what is the voltage across the capacitor?

A) 20 V

B) 30 V

C) 50 V

D) 72 V

176. Cardiac Fibrillation:

A) Rapid Heartbeats

B) Irregular heart beats

C) Slowed heart beats

D) both A and B

177. When Capacitors are joined plate to plate:

A) Parallel Circuit Capacitors

B) Series circuit capacitors

C) Both A and B

D) Capacitors cannot be joined plate to plate.

178. When capacitors are connected in different branches of circuit, the capacitors are said to connected in:

A) Series Circuit

B) Parallel circuit

C) Both A and B

D) Capacitors cannot be joined together.

179. When combing our hair, we shift electrons from our hair to comb, The charge in our hair is:

A) Positive

B) Negative

C) Zero

D) Infinite

180. The unit of charge is:

A) Farad

B) Coulomb

C) Volt

D) Electron Volt