Physics Class 10th

21. The pitch of note depends upon ______ of the sound wave.

A) Frequency

B) Quality

C) Loudness

D) Wavelength

22. A high pitched sound has which of the following:

A) High Frequency, Long Wave Length

B) Low Frequency, short wave length

C) High Frequency, Short Wavelength

D) Low Frequency, Long Wavelength

23. The sound produced by man is:

A) High Pitched

B) Low Pitched

C) The Pitch is equal for everyone

D) None of the above.

24. High energy sounds are:

A) Loud

B) Faint

C) Not audible

D) All sounds have similar e

25. Loudness depends upon:

A) Area of Vibrating body

B) Distance from the source

C) Medium

D) All of the above

26. Larger the area of the body,______ the amplitude of the sound produced.

A) Lower

B) Zero

C) Higher

D) The area has no relation to the sound

27. The Greater the distance between the source and receiver, ________ the sound amplitude.

A) Lower

B) Higher

C) Sound remains same

D) cannot be determined

28. The property of sound by which two sounds of similar loudness and pitch can be differentiated:

A) Frequency

B) Shrillness

C) Quality

D) None of the above

29. Quality of sound is also called:

A) Loudness

B) Shrillness

C) Timbre

D) Resonance

30. The Intensity of sound can be defined as:

A) The loudness of sound

B) The Energy of sound reaching unit area in unit time

C) The Quality of sound reaching unit area in unit time

D) The frequency of sound

31. Sound Intensity is measured in:

A) Volts

B) Megawatts

C) Newton

D) Pico watts

32. Intensity is a/an _______ property:

A) Objective

B) Subjective

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

33. An average ear can detect sounds with minimum intensity of:

A) 1012 W/m2

B) 10-12 W/m-2

C) 10-12Wm2

D) 10-12W/m2

34. The intensity of sound is often expressed in a smaller unit called:

A) Kilobel

B) DecaBel

C) Hexabel

D) Decibel

35. An average ear can detect sounds with minimum intensity of:

A) 1012 W/m2

B) 10-12 W/m-

2 C) 10-12Wm2

D) 10-12W/m2

36. The sound energy of a propeller plane taking off:

A) 10^5

B) 1


D) 10^2

37. Loudness level:

A) The different types of loudness

B) The Sum of different loudness

C) The Product of different loudness

D)Difference of loudness

38. Which of the following is used as unit for Intensity level:

A) W/m2

B) N

C) m/s

D) None of the above

39. The sound intensity of 0dB:

A) 0

B) -1

C) 1

D) None of the above

40. Sound intensity in an empty theatre:

A) 0

B) 102

C) 10-9

D) 109