Physics Class 10th

201. Magnetic effects are produced in the presence of:

A) Electrons

B) Light particles

C) Charges

D) All of the above

202. When current is passed through a long wire with compass needles placed around it in a circle, the compass needle lines up with the magnetic field in:

A) Linear Pattern

B) Zigzag Pattern

C) Circular Pattern

D) All of the above

203. Without any current on the wire, the compass needle will align with:

A) Will not align with anything and keeps on moving circular

B) Shall stay at the previous position

C) Will align with earth’s magnetic field

D)  None of the above

204. Earth’s magnetic field is directed towards:

A) South

B) North

C) East

D) West

205. The compass needle deflects in the _______ direction to current when it Is reversed.

A) Similar

B) Opposite

C) Cannot be determined

D) Needles stays at previous direction

206. According to right hand rule, fingers curl in the direction of:

A) Current

B) Voltage

C) Magnetic Field

D) Current and Voltage

207. The thumb appoints towards ________ according to right hand rule.

A) Voltage

B) Current

C) Magnetic field

D) None of the above

208. A loop of wire in which current passes:

A) Circuit

B) Solenoid

C) Capacitor

D) Conducting Wire

209. Which is true about field lines:

A) Always Cross each other

B) Never Cross each other

C) Are multidirectional

D) All of the above

210. The field inside the coil is ____to the field outside of the coil.

A) Equal

B) Lesser

C) Greater

D) Field Is not present inside the coil

211. According to the Right hand rule of Conventional current, the thumb indicates :

A) Direction of Current

B) North Pole of Magnet

C) Direction of magnetic field

D) Both A and B

212. The Earth’s magnetic field is caused by:

A) Electric currents at its core

B) Clouds lighting

C) Sea level 

D) None of the above

213. Jupiter’s magnetic field is ______ than earth.

A) Greater

B) Lesser

C) Equal to

D) Jupiter does not have Magnetic field

214. The magnetic north pole is located near:

A) North Pole

B) South Pole

C) Equator

D) None of the above

215. Magnetoreception:

A) Ability of Magnet to attract things

B) The production of current using magnetic field

C) Ability of organism to detect field and direction

D) Production of Magnetic field using magnetism

216. Which of the following does not perform magnetorecpetion:

A) Bacteria

B) Human

C) Arthropods

D) Molluscs

217. Which protein in human has ability to perform magnetoreception:

A) Myosin

B) Cryptochrome

C) Tubulin

D) None of the above.

218. Cryptochrome is present in:

A) Liver

B) Brain

C) Eyes

D) Heart

219. Pigeons use which of the following to detect the direction:

A) Cryptochrome present in their eyes

B) Small crystals present in their beaks

C) Polar feather wave on their feathers

D) None of the above.

220. The force experienced by charges in a conducting wire placed in a magnetic field is ________ to the direction of the current and magnetic field.

A) Parallel

B) Perpendicular

C) Opposite

D) Similar