Physics Class 10th

221. The Force experienced by charges is maximum when:

A) When wire is placed parallel  to magnetic field

B) When wire is placed opposite to the field

C) When wire is placed perpendicular to the field

D) None of the above

222. The force experienced by the charges is reduced when:

A) When the coil is perpendicular to the field

B) When the angle changes

C) When the coil is placed perpendicular to the field

D) Both A and B

223. The Force experienced by the charges is directly proportional to which of the following:

A) Current flowing in the wire

B) Magnetic field B

C) Length of the wire and Sine angle between the current and field

D) All of the above

224. The Magnetic field strength is giving by:

A) Newton

B) Tesla

C) Amperes

D) Metres

225. The force shall be maximum when the angle between current and magnetic field is ᴓ:

A) 0⁰

B) 180⁰

C) 90⁰

D) None of the above

226. The Magnetic Field around a Neutron Star:

A) 108 T

B) 1.5 T

C) 10-2 T

D) None of the above

227. The Magnetic Field in interstellar space:

A) 0

B) 10-4 T

C) 10-10 T

D)  1.5 T

228. Fleming Right left hand is used for:

A) Checking direction of current

B) Direction of  Voltage Applied

C) Direction of Force on current

D) None of the above.

229. Magnetism is ______ dimensional.

A) One

B) Two

C) Three

D) None of the above

230. Electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into:

A) Chemical energy

B) Mechanical Energy

C) Thermal Energy

D) Hydro Energy

231. A DC motor uses:

A) Alternating Current

B) Direct Current

C) Conventional Current

D) Both A and B

232. Current Carrying wire in a magnetic field experiences:

A) Couple

B) Torque

C) Pressure

D) Resistance

233. Which of the following does not have DC Motor:

A) Cars

B) Washing Machine

C) CD Players

D) Non of the Above

234. The Coil and Core together in the motor is called:

A) Loop

B) Solenoid

C) Armature

D) Circuit

235. To make the coil continue to rotate, the ends off coil in motor are attached to a:

A) Armature

B) Electric Supply

C) Commutator

D) Carbon Brush

236. Which of the following allows the motor to have electrical contact:

A) Armature

B) Commutator

C) Carbon Brush

D) None of the above

237. The _________ allows the direction of current in the coil to reverse every half cycle.

A) Carbon Brush

B) Armature

C) Magnet

D) Commutator

238. When magnetic field through a wire is changed, current is produced in the loop. This is called as:

A) Electrostatic Induction

B) Electromagnetic Induction

C) Self induction

D) Mutual Induction

239. Change in magnetic field induces:

Change in magnetic field induces:
A) emf

B) Voltage

C) Resistance

D) none of the above

240. The Current in a circuit due to changing magnetic field is called:

A) Conventional Current

B) Negative Charge

C) Alternating Current

D) Induced Current