Physics Class 10th

241. Induced current is not caused by:

A) Battery

B) Generator

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above

242. When a wire connected to Galvonometer is placed in a magnetic field that is not changing, the galvanometer shall show deflection:

A) Slight Deflection

B)  Large Deflection

C) Shall not show any deflection

D) None of the above

243. When coil and magnet are moved towards each other, the galvanometer shows __________.

A) No Deflection

B) Slight Deflection

C) Deflection in one direction

D) Negative Deflection

244. If two coils are held fixed but the current in the primary coil is changed the magnetic field it produces changes and an emf is induced in ________-.

A) Primary Coil

B) Secondary Coil

C) Both Primary and Secondary Coil

D) Emf is not induced.

245. Which of the following factors affect the magnitude of the emf induced:

A) Turns of Coil

B) The magnetic field

C) The length of conductor in magnetic field

D) All of the above

246. When double loop of wire is used in electromagnetic induction, the deflection of galvanometer is _______ as before.

A) Increased

B) Decreased

C) Remains same

D) Increased two times

247. The faster the loop is moved, the_______ deflection on the galvanometer.

A) Larger

B) Smaller

C) Remains Same

D) Cannot be determined

248. If we increase the length of the conductor in magnetic field, the emf is:

A) Increased

B) Decreased

C) Remains same

D) The emf does not depend on the length of conductor

249. Emf runs in which direction when produced by change in magnetic flux.

A) Similar to the cause producing it

B) Oppose to the cause producing it

C) Perpendicular to the cause of production

D None of the above

250. Electrical Generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into:

A) Chemical Energy

B)  Sound Energy

C) Thermal Energy

D) Electrical Energy

251. The Ends of coils in generator are connected to an external circuit by means of :

A) Commutator

B) Carbon Brushes

C) Slip Rings

D) None of the above

252. The Current that changes it’s polarity and reverses the flow of current:

A)  Alternating Current

B) Direct Current

C) Conventional Current

D) None of the above

253. The only difference between AC Generator and DC Generator is :

A) In DC Generator Armature is not present.

B) DC Generator does not has carbon brushes

C) The Slip ring is replaced with Commutator

D) There is no difference.

254. Which is true about the current produced by DC generator:

A) The Magnitude changes continuously but the direction remains same.

B) The Magnitude and the direction both are changed

C) The Magnitude does not change but the direction is changed

D) The magnitude and the direction remain same.

255. The Phenomena in which the emf included in are circuit or coil due to the change in current in another circuit or coil is called:

A) Electrostatic Induction

B) Mutual Induction

C) Self Induction

D) None of the above

256. The Unit of mutual induction is:

A) Tesla

B) Newton

C) Henry

D) Ampere

257. If the mutual inductance of two coils is 3.5 mH and the current through primary coil changes from 0A to 10A in 0.03s, how much emf is induced in the secondary coil?

A) 1.17V

B) 1.15V

C) 2.5 V

D) None of the above

258. A transformer is a device used to _______ an AC voltage or current level.

A) Increase

B) Decrease

C) Increase and Decrease

D) None.

259. The principle of transformer is __________.

A) Mutual Induction

B) Electrostatic Induction

C) Self Induction

D) None of the above

260. Changing current in one coil induces emf in ________.

A) Itself

B) Other Coil

C) Both A and B

D) None