Physics Class 10th

261. Which of the following material is used in transformers:

A) Steel

B) Nickel

C) Brass

D) Iron

262. Transmission transformer is which of the following:

A) Step up Transformer

B) Step down transformer

C) Both Step up and Step Down

D) None of the above

263. The voltage used at homes:

A) 150 V

B) 170 V

C) 200 V

D) 220 V

264. A Current carrying wire in which current flow in northward direction is deflected towards the east by a magnetic force. The direction of the magnetic field is:

A) Straight up

B) Straight down

C) South

D) West

265. Which derived unit is equivalent to Tesla?

A) Nm/A

B) NA/m

C) N/Am

D) Am/N

266. The unit of inductance, the henry is equivalent to:

A) Vs/A

B) VA/m

C) As/V

D) V/A

267. When the speed at which magnet is moved through a coil is increased, the induced voltage:

A) Increase

B) Remains same

C) Decrease

D) Goes to 0

268. Slip rings is part of:

A) DC motor

B) Ac Generator

C) Transformer

D) Magnet

269. A Transformer is used for:

A) DC and AC

B) AC voltage

C) DC Voltage

D) Farming

270. A step up transformer increases:

A) Power

B) Energy

C) Voltage

D) Current

271. A certain transformer has primary winding with 500 turns and a secondary winding with 250 turns. The Ratio is:

A) 0.5

B) 2

C) 250

D) 750

272. If the turn ratio is 5, the secondary voltage is greater than primary voltage by factor of:

A) 0.2

B) 0.5

C) 2.5


273. Which statement is true about the magnetic poles?

A) Unlike Poles repel

B) Like Poles attract

C) Magnetic poles do not effect each other

D) A single magnetic pole does not exist

274. What is the direction of magnetic field lines inside a bar magnet?

A) From North pole to South Pole

B) From South pole to North Pole

C) From Side to side

D) There are no field lines

275. The presence of magnetic field can be detected by a:

A) Small mass

B) stationary positive charge

C) Stationary negative charge

D) Magnetic compass

276. If the current in a wire is placed perpendicular to a magnetic field increases the force on wire:

A) Increases

B) Decreases

C) Remains same

D) Will be zero

277. DC Motor converts:

A) Mechanical energy into Electrical energy

B) Mechanical energy to Chemical Energy

C) Electrical energy into mechanical energy

D) electrical energy into chemical energy

278. Which part of DC Motor reverses the direction of current through the coil every half-cycle?

A) The armature

B) The Commutator

C) The brushes

D) The Slip rings

279. The Direction of induced emf in a circuit is in accordance with the conservation of:

A) Mass

B) Charge

C) Momentum

D) Energy

280. The Step up transformer:

A) Increases the input current

B) increases the input voltage

C) has more turns in primary

D) has less turns in the secondary coil