Physics Class 10th

301. The Voltage is decreased by:

A) Step up Transformer

B) Step down transformer

C) AC generator

D) DC Motor

302. The AC generator flux will be zero if coil to the field.

A) 90⁰

B) 45⁰

C) Parallel

D) Inclined

303. If the change in a circuit induces a current in another circuit, this phenomena is called:

A) Self Induction

B) Mutual Induction

C) Electromagnetic Induction

D) Non Mutual induction

304. The shapes of magnetic lines of force in case of a straight current carrying conductor is:

A) Elliptical

B) Triangular

C) Rectangular

D) Circular

305. When a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field at right angle to it. The Direction of the force acting upon it is:

A) The same direction to the field

B) Opposite to the direction of field

C) Makes angle of 45⁰ with the current

D) at right angle both to field and current

306. Bank credit cards have strips engraved in them:

A) Electric

B) Electronic

C) Magnet

D) Mechanical

307. Which things works on the principle of electromagnetic induction in hydro electric power house.

A) motor

B) Generator

C) Galvanic Cell

D) Voltaic Cell

308. Time rate of flow of charge is called:

A) Electricity

B) Current

C) Magnetism

D) Induction

309. The current in the beam of a particles accelerator is due to:

A) Negative Charged electrons

B) Positively charged Protons

C) Neutrons

D) Both A and B

310. _______ Charges are referred as charge carriers.

A) Static Charges

B) Point charges

C) Charges at rest

D) Charges at rest.

311. The SI unit of current is:

A) Volt

B) Watt

C) Ampere

D) Omega

312. Ampere is represented by:


B) a

C) V

D) A

313. mA=

A) 10^-1

B) 10^-3

C) 10^-5

D) 10^-6

314. The direction of conventional current is the direction in which _________ flows.

A) Negative Charges

B) Positive Charges

C) Both A and B

D) None

315. A new battery at the battery shop charging station using a current of 6.7 A for 5h. How much charge passes through the battery?

A) 120600 C

B) 11500 C

C) 10000 C

D) none of the above

316. Materials are broadly divided into ______ categories.

A) One

B) two

C) three

D) none of the above.

317. In ________, no free movements of electrons occur.

A) Insulator

B) Conductor

C) Semi Conductor

D) None of the above.

318. The electric potential at one point can be _____ to the difference at other point.

A) Lower

B) Equal

C) Higher

D) All of the above.

319. The current value of a flash light bulb is:

A) 10^2

B) 10^1

C) 0.3

D) None of the above.

320. There is a difference of potential energy per coulomb of charge from one side of the electric device to the other which is termed as:

A) Electric Current

B) Potential Difference

C) Field Force

D) none of the above.