Physics Class 10th

341. Resistance does not depend on which of the following:

A) Length

B) Weight

C) Area

D) Temperature

342. As the cross sectional area decrease resistance:

A) Increase

B) remains same

C) Decrease

D) Increases 2 times

343. Resistors used in radios have:

A) High Resistance

B) Low Resistance

C ) No Resistance

D) Resistors Are Not Used In Radios

344. Constantan wire is made up of:

A) 60% Copper 40% Sliver

B) 60% Silver 40% Nickel

C) 50% Bronzes 50% Copper

D) 60% Copper 40% Nickel.

345. A small flashlight bulb draws 300mA from it 1.5 V batteries. What is the resistance of the bulb?

A) 1 Ὼ

B) 2 Ὼ

C) 4 Ὼ

­­­) 5 Ὼ

346. When resistos are connected end to end in such a way that there is a single path for flow of current are said to be connected in:

A) Series Connection

B) Parallel Connection

C) Both A and B

D) None of the above.

347. In series combination the equivalent resistance is always ______- than individual resistance in combination.

A) Equal

B) Less

C) Greater

D) not determined.

348. Conductors which obey Ohm’s law is called:

A) Resistors

B) Capacitors

C) Ohmic Conductors

D) Semi Conductors

349. When the potential difference is doubled, the current through metallic conductor’s _______.

A) Decreases

B) Remain Constant

C) Doubles

D) Increases 4 Times

350. In the filament of bulb, current saturates as it is increases and at large calve even a large change in voltage V will show ________ change in current.

A) Large

B) Small


D) No current passes through.

351. Thermistor is a device whose resistance changes significantly with:

A) Length

B) Area

C) Temperature

D) Material

352. The resistance of thermistor ______ with increase in temperature.

A) Increases

B) Remains constant

C) Decrease

D) Increases and decreases afterwards

353. The Electrical energy lost in device due to potential difference across it can be represented as equation:

A) Joules law of Heating

B) Law of thermodynamics

C) Ohm’s Law

D) Boyle law.

354. The amount of heat generated in resistor is proportional to the product of square of:

A) Resistance

B) current

C) time of current passes

D) all of the above.

355. The time rate at which work is done in electric circuit is called:

A) Potential Difference

B) Electric power

C) Current

D) None of the above

356. The electric metre in our homes measures:

A) how much energy is used

B) Electrical power

C) Current passing through device

D) Voltage applied

357. Source of electrical energy to circuit :

A) Fuse

B) Power Supply

C) Earth

D) Lamp

358. Safety device that blows/ melts if excess current tries to enter the electrical appliance.

A) Safety

B) Fuse

C) Lamp

D) None of the above

359. The zero volt connection

A) Negative connection

B) Positive connection

C) Earth

D) All of the above

360. A device that converts electricity into light:

A) Lamp

B) Bulb

C) Fuse

D) Both A and B