Physics Class 10th

381. Batteries are rated with unit ampere hour. It is unit of:

A) Charge

B) Current

C) Power

D) Energy

382. When connected to a battery, a light bulb glows brightly, if the battery is reversed and reconnected to the bulb, the bulb will glow:

A) Brighter

B) Dimmer

C) With The Same Brightness

D) And Fuse

383. The resistance of wire will decrease by increasing:

A) Temperature

B) Length

C) Diameter

D) Both A And B

384. The Wire made from which of the following material is a conductor:

A) Glass

B) Rubber

C) Silver

D) Silk

385. The current which reverses direction after regular intervals of time is:



C) Convectional current

D) Both A and B

386. Electricity main supply meter measures it in units of kilowatts – hr, it is

A) Heater

B) Fuse

C) Lamp

D) All of the these

387. Which of the following represents one ohm:

A) VA-1

B) JS-1

C) WA-1

D) D.JC-1

388. Two resistance of 1 Ohm are connected in parallel, the equivalent resistance is:

A) 2 Ὼ

B) 1.5 Ὼ

C) 1 Ὼ

D) 0.5 Ὼ

389. 1 kWh=

A) 3600W

B) 1000J

C) 3.6×106J

D) 0.36hrs

390. An electric current in conductor is due to:

A)Positive Ion

B) Negative ions

C) Positive charges

D) Free Electrons

391. What is the voltage across a 6 Ὼ resistor when a 3 A of current passes through it.

A) 2 V

B) 9V

C) 18V

D) 36V

392. Why should household appliances be connected in parallel with the voltage source?

A) to increase the resistance

B) to decrease the resistance

C) to provide each appliance the same voltage from the power source

D) to provide each appliance same current from the power source

393. Electric potential and EMF

A) are the same terms

B) are different terms

C) have different units

D) both B and C

394. When we double the voltage in an electric circuit , er double the :

A) Current

B) Power

C) Resistance

D) Both A and B

395. Battery converts chemical energy into:

A) Mechanical

B) Electrical

C) Thermal

D) none

396. The resistance in conductors Is due to:

A) Protons

B) Fixed atoms

C) Molecules

D) Neutrons

397. According to Ohm law V=

A) I2R

B) IR2


D) 1/R.

398. How is galvanometer connected in circuit to detect current.

A) In series

B) In Parallel

C) Fixed

D) Variable

399. The unit of Power is :

A) Volt

B) Watt

C) Joule

D) Coulomb

400. The current used In household is:

A) Current

B) conventional Current